Thursday, January 30, 2020

New Mailers for 2020

You will be excited to know there are NEW mailers I've encountered since yesterday, so the time to get in is NOW, while there's a joining frenzy, and people are eager to know what you have to offer them.

So, let's start with these, according to when they first showed up on my marketer's radar:

Mailer 1
A really new and refreshing mailer, The First 1000 Members who Sign Up Now Can Use This Promo Code "FirstThousand" For 2500 Credits, 3 Banner & Text Ads With 1000 Hits, And 1 FREE SOLO AD! 

Mailer 2
A cool, new, viral mailer fresh from a marketer's oven. Sign up now, use "Welcome" as your promo code for 1,000 Mailer Credits, 2,000 Banner Credits, and 3,000 Text Ad Credits. You will love a "social" surprise in it.

Mailer 3
So very new and exciting, this neat mailer gives you 6, yes SIX, promo codes to use, starting with one soon as you sign up. The other 5 you can get from this link. A well-run site with many other offers inside.

Mailer 4
This latest, I discovered soon as I woke up this morning, so you're really getting it piping hot -- from a marketer with many linked sites, and as always another exciting creation. The time to get in is now, of course!

Mailer 5
What is it about mornings? This latest mailer from a prolific site creator came up on my radar, too. All I can say is you will be pleased, for he has quite a network of sites. Compact, and easy to navigate, a must-join!

Mailer 6
This mailer beauty showed up this evening and I simply had to include it, for it is still quite new. You get 5,000 credits, 10 solo ads, 5 long banners, 5 square banners, and 5 text link ads, just for joining. Promo code doubles that.

Mailer 7
Just when I thought my day was done, another beauty came into the picture, offering you a free JV upgrade, just for joining. This site has great potential, so I signed up right away. Compact, but powerful. A feel-good mailer.

Mailer 8
I re-discovered this bitcoin mailer and surf site yesterday, and liked the ease of navigation from such sites, plus, it's a cheerful-looking site. Promote your crypto and non-crypto offers here. You get FREE credits and an ad pack.

All mailers are FREE to join! 

Cherish all these sites, for the owners and admins worked hard to get these set up for you, so please promote their sites, too!

HAPPY mailing, and here's to your boundless success!