Thursday, June 18, 2020

ZEN Advertising

Is it possible to be a marketer, and yet have zen-like, peaceful, gentle, sweet advertising?

Definitely yes, with Nirvana Solo Ads.

The re-designed site looked tasteful and appealing.

Wait till you sign up, confirm your e-mail address, and see what the site offers when you log in -- for FREE. You'll receive:

-- 2500 credits
-- 10 solo ads
-- 2 long banners
-- 2 button banners
-- 2 text link ads

A FREE JV upgrade is offered, giving you an additional 5000 credits, 5 long banners, 5 button banners, and 5 text link ads.

Remain active each month and you receive an additional 1000 credits, and more banners, and text link ads.

You will want to join this site for its beauty, credit mailer availability, 4-second fast surfing, and plainly just being a beautiful advertising site!

A special feature is reaching over 78K members from 309 websites, using 4 super solo networks. That's pure advertising power!

This lovely site really put my marketing heart at peace, as it will yours.

You'll also be interested to know it's been around for three years now.

Click this link to join for FREE!

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