Sunday, September 13, 2020

What a GREAT Find Today!

For the very first time, a JV site offers this COOL way to sign up.

You will surely get a prize! 

After which, you click the banner to sign up -- for FREE -- and claim your prize.

Now, of course, you'd want to put in your ads, for you have these waiting for you!
-- 5,000 credits
-- 2 solo ads
-- 5 long banners
-- 5 square banners
-- 2 text link ads

Plus, the prize you've already claimed.

You think it stops there?


Inside, you can claim ANOTHER promo code.

Aha, neat, huh!

So far, that's three surprises to tide you over for the long term.

There are other surprises waiting, of course, but you've got to see them upon sign up. Your ads also get approved, fast.

Make time to read other people's ads and mails, and in turn, they may just read yours.

Likewise, let's promote this mailer, surf, and solo ad site because it's beautiful, for one, and so others can also be part of it.

Plus, you receive credits for being active each month. 

Join this NEW, exciting MAIL-SURF site now, and claim those prizes and promo code!

P.S. Allow me to be presumptuous and say you may also want to join another site of theirs (they're the new owners now). I've been a member of that site since 28 October 2018, and even featured it here a while back.