This is the era of email marketing.

It's actually fun writing and sending emails. Some of these cool mailer sites have surf capabilities, too. You also get HUGE credits upon sign up as well as a FREE ad pack of  solos, banners, and text link ads. We're really very fortunate we have these generous owners and admins around.

Best of all?

You get to mail every day. Some need upgrades to do that, but all in all, some of these sites will allow you to mail every day or after a few days. Definitely, the wait's never long. Doesn't make sense to do that. We marketers are at it every day and we must not lose momentum.

Choose the mailers you like here!

With FREE ad packs:
Opal Solo Ads
Merrygoround Ads
Sugar Text Ads
Marketer's Paradise
Real Time Mega Traffic
My Robot Viral Mailer
Ship Mails
Radio Wave Ads
Invader Mails
Proactive Mailer
Mister Safelist
Global Safelist
List Avail
European Safelist
Listmailer Plus
Traffic Flash
List Unlocked

In appreciation of the effort the owners and admins put in, it's also a good idea to promote their sites. You get referrals and earnings that way. Everyone wins!