Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The No-Brainer Decision

What's the fastest way to earn $5?

Sign up on Send My Solo, activate your link, put in your ads, promote the site, and get your own referrals. 

All members who sign up receive $5, thousands of credits, and a FREE ad pack consisting of banners and text link ads. Plenty for you to use for your own programs.

Cash outs are at a normal $20.

You will find out it's pretty easy to market Mr. Raday's sites as they tend to sell themselves with the sign-up bonus and FREE ad packs he generously gives.

Not to mention that ALL members earn from promoting the site and getting referrals in the process -- whether you signed up as a free member or you've upgraded -- EVERYONE earns!

A real no-brainer, right?

It's more fun when everyone earns, so we'd be thrilled if you shared the info here with others who need to get their first dollar -- in this case, their first $5.

We're sticking to the good, reliable ones that deliver. Click on this link to know more about Mr. Raday, the generous admin of SMS.