Saturday, August 17, 2019

Clear, Cosmic, and Powerful Thinking

If you want a clear, timeless reference on principles for success and clear thinking, the above video, Dr. Robert Anthony's "Beyond Positive Thinking" read by Joe Vitale, will give you great value and information for your life and work.

Some of us prefer to listen to such material instead of reading books so this video will help you greatly.

You will learn universal principles regarding happiness, the law of cause and effect, results and reactions, intuition, personal power, unconditional love, self-mastery, money, and goals.

You will be a changed and empowered person after listening to this video which will help you traverse this abundant "River of Life".

I found that Dr. Robert Anthony, a hypnotist, mind coach, and author, is a very clear and powerful source for mind-altering knowledge that is of great service to all. His work is balanced with logic and spirit, and loads of heart.

This audio is a cosmic collaboration between Dr. Anthony and the amazing Joe Vitale, an author and master motivator.

Its time to take back your power and this audio material is it.