Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Join Lawton's Successful Text Ads Now!

Please welcome another exciting site -- Successful Text Ads -- owned and run by admin, Ed Lawton.

Mr. Lawton runs many mail and surf sites, and this is his newest.

Here's what you get for signing up, and confirming your link:

-- FREE lifetime JV upgrade (use promo code "Success").
-- 1,000 credits
-- 2 solo ads
-- 2 long banners (300 impressions)
-- 2 square banners (200 impressions)
-- 2 text link ads (25 clicks)
-- 4-second fast surf
-- 30 sites you can add to the surf exchange

Use the credit mailer to mail the members, too!

Sign up here, confirm your link, and set up your ads and promotions right away.

So very easy!

Such a user-friendly site, too.

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Everybody wins as the membership grows.

ENJOY promoting!