Sunday, January 5, 2020

A Truly Democratic Mailer for All

Band of Banners blog was created purposely to level the playing field among new and veteran marketers.

I know how difficult it is to find programs that work, and that last.

I ought to know, I've "virtually" exhausted myself searching for good programs and traffic sites since 2015.

And I'm still at it.

Worse are the programs that don't pay, after all efforts and results you've delivered.

I'm sure we all have our dour stories to tell, and that's why I was glad army veteran and entrepreneur, Daniel Baxter, created a JV site I've been waiting for.

Clean, clear, and crisp, Mission Critical Mailer, serves our critical marketing missions, when we need to deliver our messages to other marketers in a timely manner.

What's best is you get to sign up for FREE, and receive the following FREE ad pack upon sign-up, after confirmation of your email address:

5,000 credits
10 solos
5 long banners
5 text link ads

Remain active each month, and you get an additional 250 credits, plus 4 more solos, and one each banner and text link ads

This is a PRO mailer site, so everyone, according to Mr. Baxter, "are of the same rank".

It will also please you that a lot of members are in the U.S.A., and are members of the military, veterans, or veteran supporters.

Of course, soon as I saw this mailer that I've been waiting for, I signed up right away.

I also signed up on the other Baxter mailer, which you can check out here.

Consider it my support for these brave men who served their country.

Won't you give it your own support, too, as this mailer was designed to serve you well?

Click this link to join now, thanks!