Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Mother Lode of FREE Advertising

Ever encountered a mother lode of FREE, quality advertising?

I have.

Somehow, I signed up on two programs that spilled all their gold.

They both have a real plan, too!

So, I merely combined the two together, and another program to balance all the work, and came up with this:

Step 1: A solid advertising base.
This is your mother lode of reliable advertising, tested through many years. Promote any decent program you have here, and follow the "plan". Take back your dignity with this program.

Step 2: A solid program.
I found this an amazing complement to the already huge advertising base on Step 1. You will burp happily with millions of credits, and lots of banners, text link ads, solo ads, and login ads.

Step 3: Your own marketing page
I found a really cool platform, that will host your profile page, and a blog for all your thoughts and promotions. You will have fun creating it, and posting, each day! You get to meet other marketers, and it's FREE!

Did I mention, you'll be drowning in awesome promo codes and advertising benefits, for step 1 and 2?

Did I mention how all three will power up all your programs for the massive advertising base you'll be enjoying?

Did I mention it's all FREE?


Betcha didn't know that.

It will keep all of us plenty busy and happy. 

We will never be without advertising again.  

To summarize my "findings", you can see it on my billboard