Monday, June 15, 2020

Lots of Promo Codes and Commissions Here!

This lovely new site is bursting with heart!

Upon sign up, and verification of your email address, you can log in and 2500 credits await you.

A promo code is also revealed inside the site, giving you a further 7500 credits.

Use those credits to purchase advertising ("trade credits"), like banners and text ads.

Now, a second promo code can be redeemed from this link.

That's the one that will give you 10000 credits and 2 solo ads FREE.

It's like an exciting treasure hunt, and that's really how the owner and admin likes it.

She has other sites, but this is her latest baby.

You will love advertising here for the gregarious lady makes everything wonderful on site.

If you like contests, you may want to join the "Race to 300" referral contest.

You can also earn commissions when your referral makes purchases, like buys advertising, or upgrades, like mine did.

That merely shows my referral believes in the site himself, so I am grateful to be promoting this new site.

Click this link to join for FREE now, and use all those promo codes for your advertising.