Monday, August 17, 2020

Receive 9 MILLION Banners and Text Ads FREE

3 sites waiting for you!

You'd probably say, "IMPOSSIBLE!"

Oh yeah?

Then, how come I received the following just now:

-- 1,000,000 long banners
-- 1,000,000 square banners
-- 1,000,000 text link ads

And yes, at THREE sites.

Making 6,000,000 banners, and 3,000,000 text links total.

That's 9,000,000 banners and text link ads at three sites -- giving you HUNDREDS of dollars worth of FREE advertising.

You're probably getting giddy with all the ZEROS, but it's all TRUE!

I learned about it from this NEW mailer, of which I had been one of the earlier members.

To receive your 9-M banners and text link ads, you are requested to surf 95 pages at EACH of these sites.


The sites are all sister sites, calibrated at 8 seconds surf each, making it really FAST surf sites.

Check these out:

SURF site 1
SURF site 2
SURF site 3

Do the usual: sign up at those sites, confirm your e-mail address,  log in, put in your ads, use promo code UNLIMITED, and soon as you surf 95 sites (I surfed over 100 as gratitude), you get 9 million banners and text link ads total, AUTOMATICALLY -- no sweat, no begging, nothing.

It's YOURS to use for your advertising.

Sign up is FREE.