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How Band of Banners came to be
5 October 2017

There's that movie, "Band of Brothers" which we never got to see, nevertheless we called it "Band of Banners" --  after all, we were promoting brotherhood (all genders included). Thus, the creation of BOB mid-September 2017.

We were fascinated at how a tiny banner held much weight in promotions. It's like your own piece of land in this vast online marketing world, thus, the graphics and content must ROCK and make people want to click your ad. 

Band of Banners is all about unity, not caring who or what you are. If you love banners and care to help yourself and others, WELCOME!

Here's a fun song that spells out the concept of Band of Banners:

The real issue
11 October 2017

Funny, everyone else said it was "traffic".

To succeed in marketing, they said, you had to have lots of traffic.

In our case, it wasn't so much traffic as WHICH program to promote?

There were many programs but nothing that really grabbed us.

So what did we do after all that research?

We created our own.

BOB is it.

Brad Webb was right
11 October 2017

We were all newbies once -- got burned a LOT of times -- then we came across a very important statement from veteran online marketer, Brad Webb of State-of-the-Art Mailer.

He said something about "building up your traffic resources first".

And that got us thinking.

In the absence of a really GREAT program, we thought we might as well build up the traffic first.

So we got into a LOT of programs like you wouldn't believe.

After which, we got organized and started this blog.

It started growing organically -- one thought led to another.

We did the research; you can now plant and harvest alongside us.

Read the invaluable Brad Webb post by clicking on this link (it opens to a new page so you can always come back here, thanks!): "For the Marketing & Techie Illiterate"

Here's the link to Brad Webb's State-of-the-Art Mailer:

Why we like JV sites
25 November 2017

1. FUN to use.
2. EASY to use.
3. GREAT potential for earning and learning.
4. FREE to join!

Which one is your BEST program?
14 December 2017

We're all into a lot of programs, but what if you had to decide on JUST one? Which would you promote with all that you've got?

A father's love and a young girl's dream
10 Jan 2018

Creative owner and admin of many sites, Randy Brickhouse-Bey, emailed all of us to visit his daughter's TEE site -- something she created to help herself go through college -- a truly commendable move from one so young! Click on this link to view the young lady's cool designs!

Marketers Unite blog now online
28 March 2018

Please welcome our latest creation, Marketers Unite, for marketers helping each other. You will find many wonderful and positive stories and anecdotes about owners and admins -- straight from us!

The condensed version:
ALL members earn here

EARN $2 for each referral who posts a paid ad on this site!