FRIENDLY mailers

Here are the fun and happy sites that you can join for FREE!

The MONEY Mailer
Upgrade if you can and you will get a quicker chance to EARN more cash from almost everything on the site.

The MEGA Mailer
It has the strength of numbers and capability, thanks to its owner/admin. Mail over 4,800 members instantly!

The SUPERB Mailer
Behind every great mailer is a GREAT owner/admin. You will appreciate exquisite management here.

The GREAT Mailer 
This amazing owner/admin will give you ALL the credits you need for every ad, mail, or link clicked or read.

The GENEROUS Mailer 
The kind-hearted owner/admin will give you all the credits, banners, solos, and text link ads you can possibly use.

Run by a lovely and most competent lady, you will appreciate the care and credits you will be receiving each moment.

The SWEET Mailer
Owned and managed by another super capable lady, she allows you to use the mailer every single, glorious day.

The MODERN Mailer
You will delight in using this super cool, new mailer, giving you that EXTRA boost as you promote your stuff.

It's a jungle out there, and thus, you need all the help you can get -- given by this generous owner/admin.

We know aliens can't spell, but you can, so go on and check this unusual mailer from the very capable owner/admin.

The GOLDEN Mailer
This classic mailer allows you to mail 3,000 members every 5 days -- run by a most capable gentleman.

The STEADY Mailer
Quiet and unassuming, you cannot really underestimate its beautiful power. You must use this mailer.

Feel the power in this cool mailer, even as it's simple and very easy to use. Everything's so clear-cut.

You will be fascinated and grateful for the many treasures in this mailer run by a very active and caring owner/admin.

You will love using this super simple, generous, and friendly mailer for all your promotional needs.

The AMAZING Mailer
That's really what it is -- AMAZING! Fun, simple, and easy to use -- merely shows how capable the owner/admin is!

The PRO Mailer
The super generous owner/admin packed this site with everything you will need for your promotions.

The CITY Mailer
Having been around for sometime, this strong mailer will be a delight to work with, for ease, beauty, and simplicity.

The SMART Mailer
All great kings refer to this particular character for reality check. Reverse psychology, you know.

The FUN Mailer
You will enjoy mailing and reaching the members here at this amazingly easy-to-use, cheerful and friendly mailer.

The UNUSUAL Mailer
You will love using this friendly and easy-to-use mailer with the cool robot. Has lots of treasures within!

Keep an eye on this cool mailer. It has many treasures within. Better yet, sign up and utilize those treasures.

Coolest thing on earth! You get to mail the members and have a screenshot of your site for others to click on.

You will want to join this site for the happy energy in there. Plus, the owner/admin is a very kind and capable person.

The GEM-of-a-Mailer
A beautiful and simple mailer with a very capable and astute owner and admin. Mail happy and productively with this one!

NOTE: All sites are FREE to join. You will also be rewarded with HUGE credits, FREE ad packs, even upgrades, solo ads, and sometimes a CASH sign-up bonus. CLICK on each site to check what the generous owners and admins have for you right now! 

The condensed version:
ALL members earn here

EARN $2 for each referral who posts a paid ad on this site!