Rewards for signing up

Here are some sites that will reward you for SIGNING up for FREE. All these generous owners and admins help you start off, either with a cash sign-up bonus, or an amazing ad package, or both. CLICK on the links to take you there. All links open to a new page so you can always come back to this reward page for more. Build your downlines here, too, by sharing your page and links with others. We all prosper that way.

Please look into these generous offers RIGHT away as the owners and admins may pull it out any time. Actually, each site has many more offers within so do look around their sites.

I will be adding new sites as I discover them along the way so keep checking here every so often, thanks!

I like it when people make it easy for you to earn. There's really no point in making it so tough earning that first dollar. That dollar will pave your way for future success, so keep at it!

Here are the sites to look through for cash, learning, promotions, and freebies -- all FREE to join! (20 October 2017)

$5 and 5 solos when you sign up

$5 added to your account
$5 upon signing up
$1 plus awesome ad pack
5,000 credits and a FREE ad pack 1
5,000 credits and a FREE ad pack 2
300 credits and ad pack from this cool bitcoin site
JV upgrade plus 50,000 credits
SJV upgrade just for joining
SJV upgrade and FREE ad pack 
SJV upgrade for joining
100,000 credits upon sign up
25,000 credits, email over 4,700 members instantly
SJV upgrade for the first 100 members
JV upgrade plus huge bonus from dynamic surf site
10,000 credits plus FREE ad pack
JV upgrade first 200 members
1,000 FREE JV memberships
Mail to 3,000 every 5 days for FREE
FREE upgrade, use promo code "viper"
$5 sign-up BONUS, huge ad pack, 60,000 credits
FREE JV, 20,000 credits, and 25 solos
FREE JV, 20,000 credits, and 20 solos
FREE JV, 20,000 credits, and 20 solos, too
Get 7 FREE solo ads when you sign up
3,000 credits on newest surf site
$25 for top referrer
50,000 credits upon signing up
5,000 credits, ad pack, cash and prizes from surfing

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