Friday, September 28, 2018

Earn at Banner Surfers Now

We've been a member of this really cool site --  Banner Surfers -- for over a year now.

As such, we've seen how it's grown and evolved, and we must say, ever so beautifully!

The owner and admin have always promptly communicated with us whenever we had a question.

It's stayed on top of its game and keeps creating new opportunities for its members to earn, surf, and promote.

You will find ways to earn cash like the new PTC offer wall which has opportunities for you to take surveys and fulfill requests from other members and advertisers, apart from the PTC wall already in place.

All you need is click on this link to sign up, activate, and start putting in your coolest 125 x 125 banners that will catch other surfers' attention.

It's also good manners to promote the site as it blesses everyone when we give and take in online business.

When you surf or get referrals, you get credits and cash, respectively.

You must know it's so fun and easy to surf as the admin always has new offers that cut down your surfing time and yet giving you more cash and credits for doing so. Sometimes, you've really got to know when a gift is being given.

Those credits you've earned can be used to keep showing your sites.

Of course, upgraded members always earn more, that's a given.

Join compact but exciting Banner Surfers now!

Monday, September 17, 2018

We're Celebrating Our First Year Today!

A year ago today, 17 September 2017, we started this blog which offers you many sites where you can promote your offers and programs.

All you had to do was sign up for FREE, activate your link, log in, and start promoting your offers.

We thank all of you who joined us at the sites we featured here. We're sure that the owners and admins are also grateful you did.

We are also grateful to these owners and admins for giving us their best offer, wherein just for signing up, we all got HUGE credits and FREE ad packs for our promotions.

Better still, when we promoted their sites and got referrals, we were also rewarded with more credits and even CASH.

It's really a combined effort, this online marketing thing, or any marketing for that matter.

We give you the best sites to join and work with, and the owners and admins give you their best marketing and promotional tools, as well.

We really worked hard at getting you these wonderful sites to join.

We really did a lot of research and testing.

And we're glad you trusted us, enough to join the sites and make a go for it.

Well, here's to an even better 2018 and beyond!

May all your marketing efforts bear fruit and we are with you every step of the way.