Monday, October 26, 2020



Need a lift to your marketing?

Then you've got to join these two sites:

FUN mailer

FUN surf

It's the only way not to fall asleep at the "wheel".

The mailer allows you colorful HTML mails.

The surf site is just plain engaging, and really fast.

Sign up is FREE!

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Surf Like a NUT

What does surfing like a nut mean?

Well, for one, you surf because you like the surf click icons.

So, you surf, and end up surfing 250 sites coz it's a fast site.
And you end up getting 50 credits from "Surfer Rewards", when you already have over a thousand credits from previous surfing.

Of course, you're a nut, coz you didn't surf regularly.

Then, you realize the surf site's fast coz it's a Sunday, and they've got a promo:

New members will like this site coz you get a sign-up bonus, after surfing 100 pages.

Now, now, don't panic.

If I, a surf slug, can surf 250 pages in one sitting, and not even notice it, perhaps you -- a surf maniac -- could do better.

I'd be surprised if you can't.

Also, it's owned by Greg Parkin, a really cool dude who's got so many equally-cool surf and mail sites that will make your head spin.

Like he said on the site, Squirly is "Working Each Day to Profit Every Tomorrow."

Gather the nuts, till you've got a stash.

And it's all so easy, coz it's a fast and cool surf site, that rewards you for your effortless efforts.

I mean, wouldn't you want to surf just to match the surf click icons for October?

Or maybe icons you can collect?

You've got to be nuts not to.

There's a cash sign-up bonus, credits, FREE banners, text link ads, fast surf, easy surf click icons, lots of random rewards as you surf (look for nutty Squirly to click), and a low cash out.

Plus, it's an awesomely FUN site, with an active, caring admin.

Promote the site, and when your referrals purchase advertising or upgrades, you'll be in a nut house, completely overjoyed.

So, I say, welcome to SQUIRLY Traffic!

And while you're at it, sign up here now, to gather your nuts, for a rainy, or wintry day!

Saturday, October 10, 2020

If You Like CARS

Join these mail and surf (manual and autosurf) sites, receive thousands of credits for your mailings, and a FREE ad pack of banners, solo ads, and text link ads.

Upon sign up, confirm your e-mail address, log in, and put in your advertising right away. Generous advertising at all sites!

Click the link below the banners, and go, go, go!

Monday, October 5, 2020

SURF With Indiana FROG


This cool, surf site has been around since 2009, and I had been a member for several years now.

But it is only now I saw the full "power" of the site, for it was transformed.

To my great surprise, and delight, the site shifted to a more user-friendly, and more exciting, script.

The lovely site "breathes" more now.

Check it out here.

I can almost feel the "coolness" of the rain forest!

Also, I liked how the new owner introduces us to his site:

"Deep in the tropical rain forest, you will discover the remains of lost cities and civilizations, these were once the home of amazing views, ancient traffic secrets and prosperous peoples.

Experts believe that vast amounts of hidden treasure still remain within the Rain Forest. Join Indiana Frog to find these lost traffic secrets and treasures, we believe you'll uncover jewels in the form of Ad views, banner impressions, text impressions, Square Banner Impressions, peel ads and even golden rewards."


Then sign up, and start promoting in just minutes.

Or, if you want, you can surf 77 pages, and receive a GENEROUS ad pack.

Either way, this site is a must-join!

It has over 17,500 members waiting to view your ads.

Founded in 2009, that's 11 years of steady ad delivery.

If you choose to surf those 77 pages, used promo code: Indiana Frog and receive the following:

-- 500 credits

-- 1,000 long banners

-- 1,000 square banners

-- 1,000 text link ads

-- 1,000 peel ads

Also, you can expect to happily stay on the site surfing, for there's a "dancing" frog to look out for.

He's the one who will reward you almost every other page, or so.

Watch for the pages you surf, too, for the admin will surprise you with his amazing generosity!

You will also like the "periodic" showing of YOUR stats, as you earn those rewards often.

I surfed today, and boy, did I collect quite a number of rewards!

And so very easy to surf, no distractions, save for that "dancing" frog friend to click.

I think, the problem may be, that we'll have a hard time pulling you off the site.

It's too AWESOME!

But 'nuff said, click here now, and join us happy bunch of surfers!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

You Need ORANGE in Your Ads


Sometimes, I don't know when to quit.

I kept signing up at this site.


But the admin didn't seem to be around.

Still, when I find a site appealing, I just go for it.

Finally, today, the site seems to have some changes.

I don't know if it's a new admin, or a "present" admin.

You know, like he's active, and on board.

So, twice I signed up.

Twice, I deleted my membership.

But today, it feels like someone's "home".

I mean, finally home!

I may just stick around.

You will like this site.

You get 1,000 credits.

And a FREE ad pack.

Use the promo code on site, too!

That will give you EXTRA ads, and credits.

And yes, you can use the CREDIT mailer right away!

Oh, I think am gonna stick around!

I'm glad I didn't give up on this site.

I FELT its potential.

We could all use a BURST of ORANGE.

It's a life-giver.

Breathe new life into your advertsing!

Go for ORANGE!

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Your Mails Will Be Read Here


How do I know?

Coz I have, and did.

More than 50 of them today.

First, I started reading one mail.

Then saw this site had many other cool mails.

Titles that I haven't seen, as with other sites.

Interesting offers, bits of information.

Stuff we can all look into.

One mail led to 50 or more of them.

I didn't get tired.

I got intrigued.

The site loads fast anyway.

Plus, you can open up 10 mails at a time, and read one after the other.

Giving each mail the appropriate respect.

Others only allow up to 5 mails opened.

Well, I must be fair.

Maybe because I'm upgraded.

Have been since the start of this mailer with a previous owner over a year ago.

But now, it's got a new owner, and a new admin.

I know that your mails will be read.

I'm one reader, you see.

I research, and review sites.

And this site ROCKS!

Click this link, check it out, sign up if you wish.

But know one thing.

The members read our mails.

And it's from a member who does.

Don't focus so much on whether you'll win the reading competition, for there is.

Focus more on crafting a cool title, something that will intrigue members.

Craft a title, and a mail, that will make us want to open your mail.

Give us something that will be useful and legit for us.

And you can be sure we'll read it.

This site is one of those sites designed for easy reading.

And FUN reading.

Progressive credits are given.

You will have the credits you'll need for mailing your own offers.

Oh, and change titles often.

People don't want to keep seeing the same title, again, and again.

Remember, we all visit the same sites, sometimes.

Make your mails fun, crazy, easy to read, short, and real.

Pretty much like what you're reading here.

But a fraction of the length.

Only coz we all have to read many other mails, from many sites, too.

Have mercy on us readers.

And now, I better have mercy on you.

And let you off, to check out this GENEROUS mailer.

And check the promo code upon sign up.

ENJOY mailing, and reading!

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Ever Received 700K Credits Just Like That?


I got the surprise of my life this morning.

Going about my usual routine, of writing a post -- whether marketing or spiritual -- then sharing my findings with the world, I wanted to test solo ads.

My mind was on putting out solo ads this time, something I was not known for. Usually, I use the credit mailers. 

But I did some homework last night, weighing the pros and cons of solo ads vs. credit mailers, and kicked myself for ignoring the former.

So I set to work on paying more attention to sending solo ads this time around, and went back to a new site I had visited just last night. 


I had over 700,000 credits and a Super JV (SJV) upgrade??

I did that??


But how??

But I was just there last night!

How'd that happen?

How many credits did I have to begin with, anyway?

I honestly don't remember.

But surely, it wasn't 700K, nor did I have an SJV upgrade.

Of course, I check the "Account Ledger".

True enough, Admin Jill gave me the TOP upgrade! 

Happy dance...happy dance!

With 700K credits, I'm RICH!

I can now TRADE those credits for at least 58 solo ads.

Well, of course, I traded for one, right away, and sent it, pronto!

Thanks, Admin Jill!

I invite you to join us on this cheerful site, and receive the following upon signing up, confirming your e-mail address, and logging in:

-- 1,000 credits

-- 5 long banners

-- 5 square banners

-- 2 text link ads 

Remain active each month, for more credits. Upgrade if you wish, for greater gains. Click those Super Mega ads to receive a whopping 500 credits. And use those credits to trade for solo ads, banners, text link ads.

Start each morning with 9 AM Ads.

Admin Jill's paying attention to our efforts!

I realized that just this morning.

ENJOY your FREE advertising!

P.S. You may also want to check out her other FUN surf site here!

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Band of Banners Turns THREE!

WELCOME, Band of Banners turns 3 today!

"The Home of FREE Advertising" THANKS you, for being with us all these amazing years.

Here are 3 GIFTS for you to enjoy! 
1. AWESOME banner ad. A banner blast to over 100 ad exchanges with thousands of combined members. Use promo code FALL2020

2. FREE upgrade, 5,000 credits, 2 solo ads. Use promo code bandofbanners 

3. Nine MILLION banners and text ads FREE. 

Oh, and a little BIRTHDAY song for all of us!

And, of course, ALL Glory belong to GOD alone!

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Long Ball Ads

What do I know about baseball?


Well, except for Robert Redford's "The Natural", and several other inspiring baseball movies.

But this new site's header got me.

It's as if I can breathe, from my usual marketing.

It's as if the header offered a sense of lightness, peace, joy, and freedom.

I loved its expansiveness.

So, of course, being the site reviewer that I am, I signed up immediately.

Long Ball Ads was a delight!

And that's without an admin, to begin with.

Fortunately, Robert Norton -- an owner and admin of many mailers -- got the site within days, and put his usual brand of non-invasiveness, on an already cool MAIL-SURF site.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

I was really hoping an admin would leave the site as is, for it's already soothing and beautiful to begin with.

If you're ready to play ball, sign up for FREE, and receive:

-- 2,500 credits
-- 3 solo ads
-- 1 HP solo ad
-- 3 long banners
-- 3 square banners
-- 3 text link ads
-- 15 surf sites
-- Fast auto-surf
-- JV upgrade (promo code: welcome)
-- Additional ad pack (promo code: longball)

If you like wide, open spaces where you and your marketing can breathe, Long Ball Ads will please you!

Truly, "Home Runs Worth Advertising"!

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Mail ALL Members For FREE Every Day

When you sign up at this cool, classic mailer, you are immediately given the following:

-- 1,500 credits
-- 1,500 banners
-- 1,500 text link ads

It has a large membership base, and you can mail your offers to over 1,700 members, given whatever credits you have.

You receive 25 credits for every mail read.

That allows you to accumulate your own credit arsenal, so you can mail, too.

It has a high click-through ratio (CTR), between 2% to 6%, so that means your mails receive attention.

I often mail at just 500 people at a time, and that's the CTR I get.

Of course, results will vary, depending on your subject title, offer, and time of day, for everyone's got different time zones.

You know how it works -- have a catchy title, an intriguing message, and people may just click your link.

There are many active marketers here, so do sign up, start putting in your ads, and writing those mails.

It's a wonderful, daily habit to mail from this site.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Does Your Business Need a Lift?

Has your marketing gone dull, drab, and dreary?

Does your business need a lift?

A new surge of energy, perhaps? 

Or maybe, you've ran out of ideas? 

People aren't responding anymore? 

There's a practical solution.

Use EXCITING mail and surf sites.

Let your efforts be playful, productive, and progressive.  

Allow these mail and surf sites to revive you, and your marketing:  

1. HAVE a cup of java.
2. BOOST your surfing.
3. JOIN an active mailer.
4. GET referrals for your programs.
5. EARN lots of credits.
6. ROTATE your banners on 6 sites.
7. MAIL any time you like.
8. BECOME an admin.
9. ACE up your advertising.
10. USE the simplest marketing page.

All sites are FREE to join, with matching ad pack of credits, banners, text link ads.

These will surely lift your advertising every day!

If you're already a member of those sites, well, this blog has many more sites you can join, so just look through the blog.

Updated 26 October 2020

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Really Fast Surf Site

Thanks to fellow member, Michael Aslund, who promoted the site at one of the mailers today, I remembered I was a member of this very cool, fast, manual surf site -- Ghost Rider TE.

This site must have been inspired by a Nicholas Cage movie I saw, called "Ghost Rider".

Thing is, I had not logged in for quite a while, so I got back in.

To my great surprise, I realized it was a really fast surf site -- like 5 seconds per view -- no unnecessary distractions.

Thus, it's pretty easy to view 50 sites, in no time at all.

More importantly, you earn credits easily.

There are daily Surfer Rewards for a minimum of 50 sites viewed.

I logged in, surprised to see I still had several hundred credits stashed away, so immediately updated my sites, banners, and text link ads.

You will love using the site, and promoting your offers, for there are many well-known marketers there, too.

The site is entirely user-friendly, and so easy to navigate.

All I know is I'm glad to be back surfing in this site, that I came back twice today.

Sign up for FREE now! 

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