Saturday, August 17, 2019

Clear, Cosmic, and Powerful Thinking

If you want a clear, timeless reference on principles for success and clear thinking, the above video, Dr. Robert Anthony's "Beyond Positive Thinking" read by Joe Vitale, will give you great value and information for your life and work.

Some of us prefer to listen to such material instead of reading books so this video will help you greatly.

You will learn universal principles regarding happiness, the law of cause and effect, results and reactions, intuition, personal power, unconditional love, self-mastery, money, and goals.

You will be a changed and empowered person after listening to this video which will help you traverse this abundant "River of Life".

I found that Dr. Robert Anthony, a hypnotist, mind coach, and author, is a very clear and powerful source for mind-altering knowledge that is of great service to all. His work is balanced with logic and spirit, and loads of heart.

This audio is a cosmic collaboration between Dr. Anthony and the amazing Joe Vitale, an author and master motivator.

Its time to take back your power and this audio material is it.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Effortless Traffic From Your Websites

If you're a website owner or admin, here are really cool sites you can join that would give you unlimited traffic if you put their "widget" on your site:

Unli traffic 1

Unli traffic 2

Unli traffic 3

Unli traffic 4

Unli traffic 5

Unli traffic 6 (no widget, just get referrals)

Widgets are HTML coded stuff you put on your website which earns you credits (for your own banners, text ad links, and sites) every time your site is shown.

Thus, each time your website's viewed with those widgets on it, you receive effortless traffic to your own sites.

Marketing's give and take and works wonderfully for all.

Also, all sites are FREE to join.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

"Smooth Traffic To Your Sites"

I've been a member and friend of kind admin/owner, Tom Witt, of Drag Bus Hits, since 4 December 2017.

He's got many, many sites, but I started with the one above. His other sites and other articles on him and his wife, Rebecca, could be found on this link.

Here's what you get when you join us and sign up at his AUTO-surf site for FREE:
-- 5,000 credits
-- 2 long banners at 250 impressions each
-- 2 square banners at 250 impressions each
-- 2 text link ads at 25 clicks each

Remain active each month and you are rewarded with 500 credits plus 1 long banner with 500 impressions. 

Mr. Witt says:

"I try to be the best admin I can and be responsive to my members by approving their ads as quickly as I can."

No mean feat for someone who's got loads of sites and a home decor business he created for his wife, so we would appreciate if you can spread the love!

Sign up now on his really fast AUTO-surf site and put in your sites, banners, and text link ads.

You will love watching all the ads as you surf hands-free, click on the ones that appeal to you, and you even get 10 credits per 10-second ad that zooms by.

You'll be doing a "happy dance" here for it's so easy to join and navigate the site.

Plus, Mr. Witt's very helpful if you need to ask stuff.

Come join us now at Drag Bus Hits!

Yeah, baby!

(All images from Mr. Witt's site.)

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Dawn of a New Sunrise!

We love cheerful sites and Sunrise TE is one fantastic surf site -- so fun and easy to use!

Beautifully-run by owner/admin Jelena Pantelic, you will enjoy putting in your sites, banners, and text link ads here.

Put in the promo code "welcome", surf one (1) page, and you are immediately awarded with 100 credits, 100 banners, and 100 text link ads.

$1 sign-up BONUS, 500 credits, 500 banners, and 500 text link ads, await you after you surf just 50 pages.  

Use the promo code "sunte100", surf 100 pages, and you also get 200 credits, 200 banners, and 200 text link

Surfing's fast -- about 8 seconds per site -- so you'll accomplish those two promo codes in no time at all.

Ms. Pantelic obviously has a generous heart and we'd be crazy not to appreciate such gifts.

Not too many owners and admins will give you such an offer.

We know, for we've researched and joined hundreds and hundreds of sites to find the best deals for you.

Join Sunrise TE now, keep waking up to a lovely day, and "get more traffic with every sunrise"!