Friday, April 26, 2019

Jewel of a Mailer

There are quite a number of beautiful and easy-to-use mailers but Jewel Traffic is such a joy to use!

Owned by active admin Todd Perry, you will love using this mailer.

Sign up now and get 1000 credits just like that.

You can use those credits to mail the members.

Also, you can read the member mails on-site and earn more credits for your own mailing.

There are also three (3)  Special Upgrades where you are given an opportunity to earn an upgrade.

It's a simple, friendly, and beautiful site which makes us want to read and send mails.

If you wish to be part of this wonderful site, click this link and sign up now.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Going Back to Surf-Mailer Basics

Many sites come and go.

But these JV sites rock because of their admins, quiet as they may be, we know they deliver.

We are especially grateful to them for Band of Banners started with them in 2017 and we've had a fun and great experience as well.

They remain steady despite the tough competition out there. They allow us members to make full use of their EASY-to-navigate sites, with no requirements to read any mails or even to promote their sites. But it's always good manners to do so, of course. 

Marketing is give and take -- you know that.

You get to put in your banners, text ads, and surf sites.

You also get to use their credit mailers often, where you can mail their members, depending on your membership. 

They also have viral URL cloakers to protect your referral links.

They even give us HUGE credits when we sign up, plus FREE ad packs consisting of banners, text ads, and solo ads. You will never run out of credits again, if anything, you're gonna burp from them.

Plus, they're all FREE to join.

Check these sites now and join if you want to:

Send My Solo
Opal Solo Ads
Sugar Text Ads
Merrygoround Ads
Real Time Mega Traffic

Of course, there are other sites with hard-working admins and we wish we could feature them all, but for now, please allow us to share with you the ones we first started with -- the five JV sites above.

We hope you can join them all, too!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Bitcoin Shirt and News

If you like Bitcoin, you may like this colorful shirt. 

You can get more information through this link. (We are affiliates for that site so we may earn a bit if you purchase the shirt or other items.)

And if you wish to know more about Bitcoin and the "future of money", please click this link.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies seem to offer financial promise and relief for all of us every day folks. May it be true to its promise. As always, it is up to us to do our own diligent research.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Effortless Bitcoin

So many crypto companies.

Which one to join.

This may be a good option as you merely put in a minimum of $3.50 worth of bitcoin and you start earning five percent in 24 hours, or $0.20.

We like to earn fast and easy from good companies that don't oversell or overwhelm us with information.

We do this because we only wish to give you the best, easy ways of earning that don't exhaust you or your bank or crypto account.

Invest that minimum amount and start earning every hour.

To max your earnings, of course it's always a good idea to share you affiliate link and start getting your own referrals.

You earn two (2) ways from your referrals:
-- Get paid 8% on every referral on ALL of the new deposits that they make for LIFE.
-- Get an additional 2% on every referral that your referral makes.

In essence, you're earning from your own investments as well as from your referral's own investments -- hourly.

Think no more and start earning by joining through this link!