Friday, May 29, 2020

Pocket Hero Mailer

Because I'm an avid marketer and researcher, somehow, I discover really cool and fun sites, which I can't wait to share with all of you.

Such as this latest mailer.

Sign up for FREE, and receive 500 credits.

I was just the 7th member when I signed up days ago, so there were no credits waiting for me yet.

But next time I came by and logged in, lo and behold!

Now, I have 500 credits I could use for mailing the members, or for putting in banners, and text link ads. 

What did I do?

Of course, I mailed right away!

So what if we're few just yet, that's how new sites grow.

This pocket hero mailer will wow the crowd, soon as we all promote it.

All I know is, one look at Tiny Thor, with that famous hammer, and my child-like heart got tickled.

I signed up right away.

I also saw that notice above, saying you can purchase a rotating, life-time banner, for $5.

That's the best time to do so, while the site's still new.

You can "monopolize" the page with your banner.

Well, sign up now at this marvel-ous mailer, and mail that first promotion!

You will have loads of fun when you do!

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Solos of the Future

Judging by the way currencies and sites fluctuate and disappear these days, I won't be surprised if one day everything will be based on barter alone.

Thus, I was overjoyed when I discovered this amazing site called Totally Free Solos, now owned by Roger Garant.

Upon joining TFS and confirming your e-mail address, you will receive the following:

-- 5,000 credits
-- 5 solo ads
-- 5 long banners (500 impressions each)
-- 5 text link ads (25 clicks each)

Remain active each month and you get an extra 500 credits, plus one more of each ad type.

Promote the site, and when your referrals decide to purchase advertising -- the famous Super Mega Ads* -- you earn a generous 50% commissions.

Of course, this being a revolutionary site, you can also trade your credits for solo ads, banners, and text link ads, so click on other members' mails and ads to gain credits for your own ads.

No need to upgrade -- all are equal here -- which we happen to like, too. 

There is also no need to worry about payment processors, for you trade your accumulated credits for advertising. Nothing could be more fair, democratic, and stress-free than this.

Since I first wrote about TFS on 13 June 2019, the site has now grown to nearly 270 members as of today (so this post has been updated today). 

I especially love JV sites as they're so generous and easy to use, plus, sign up is FREE. 

We'd all be a fool not to make use of these wonderful JV sites that ask for nothing, but give everything.

Click this link to join TFS solo ad site now, for FREE. 

We hope you realize a good thing when you see one.

*Super Mega Ads are sent to 165 sites in the JV network, with a combined membership of nearly 36,000 members. Other sites owned by Mr. Garant can be viewed here.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Surf the Blues Away

There is something very soothing about the ocean.

I know we've all gone through much, wherever in the world we may be, whether as marketers, or whatever work we do.

As a gift, I thought I'd share a surf site where you can market your ads.

Discovered this new site, just today!

Join Easy Surf Ads for FREE, and receive the following:

-- 5,000 credits
-- 3 long banner ads
-- 3 square banner ads
-- 3 text link ads
-- 5 surf sites

Stay active each month, and you receive an extra 500 credits as a FREE member.

You'll also love how easy it is to sign up, confirm your email address, and put in your ads right away.

I like simple sites any time of the day.

Life is challenging enough, why make things hard for all of us?

So, do sign up now, and play around with your ads, putting in your favorite ones, and enjoying the manual surf.

Click this link to sign up now!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Fearless Mailer

Solo Ad Now will forever go down in my entrepreneur file as "The Fearless Mailer".

It didn't care that they only had 22 members first, I being the 22nd member.

The admin allowed people to use their credit mailer right away!

That, I like, for I'm a marketer with a mission.

Soon as I have a thought on my mind, I go straight to my favorite mailers that allow me to mail RIGHT away.

But those are the more established ones, backed by many previous members and fans, thus, they've got an edge.

Ah, but this mailer had only 22 members and it allowed me to mail right away!

It didn't disable that mailing feature, waiting to reach 100 or so members.


One click of the "credit mailer" tab, and it opened its wares.

I was so impressed at this new mailer's spunk, I had to feature it here.

I created Band of Banners blog purposely to feature such awesome, fearless, generous owners, admins, and sites.

The kind that's so unassuming, and yet delivers the goods.

No fuss, no undue requirements, no delays, no hoops for you to go through.

Put out your ads, and mail.

FREE members receive the following, upon sign up:

-- 1,000 credits
-- 2 solo ads
-- 2 long banners
-- 2 button banners
-- 2 text link ads

And that famous credit mailer.

Pretty much all I need anyway.

I'm a simple marketer, but a fast marketer.

What would I need bells and whistles for?

Please join me at Solo Ad Now, and mail right away!

P.S. I was also surprised to be given top membership (a Super JV), when I put in my ads today. I had signed up yesterday, but didn't have time to put in my ads. Today was a total surprise, as I'm pretty sure there was no notice from the admin's promotions that we'd get an SJV, but hey, who's complainin'? 

I'm mighty grateful, that's what! FREE upgrade, or no upgrade, I was going to write about this mailer anyway. And all because it allowed me to mail, with only 21 other members on board. Such spunk and faith!)

Oh, and before I forget, it's got a really FAST manual surf. Put in your sites, and earn 125 credits upon viewing other member's sites. Ten sites viewed, effortlessly, already earned me 1,250 credits. By golly! I could have surfed all day long!

Reading the Recharge Network Ads (RNA) gives you 200 credits, too! All these credits will allow you to trade for more banners and text link ads.

I don't know about you, but before I even knew all these, I decided to join.

There was something about this mailer...

My instincts usually prove me right.

And I hope the admin doesn't change a thing. It is perfect as it is. I've been in this industry since 2015, and I know a good site when I see one.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Learn and Earn From This HOT Mailer

I think I will let the images speak for themselves.

Apart from 2,000 credits and a FREE ad pack, here's what to expect from this HOT mailer:

FREE members earn up to $5.55 per referral 
+ 50% when referrals buy! 
JV members earn up to $7.55 per referral 
+ 75% when referrals buy! 
SJV members earn up to $10.55 per referral 
+ 100 % when referrals buy!  

(See "UPGRADE ACCOUNT" tab to compare memberships.) 

You earn cash and credits from so many ways when you start clicking links, banners, reading mails, surfing sites.

You will also marvel at so many ads you haven't seen in other mailers. Thus, you learn a lot viewing other people's ads, too!

Pretty hot, huh?

I personally know this site rocks, so, if you're ready, 
nearly 350 members welcome you!

Click this link to join, for FREE!

P.S. I may have forgotten something.

You get a FREE JV upgrade, btw.

And lots of promo codes on site.

Go search -- easy!

Join here now!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Going Egyptian

I love themes, and for this particular blog post, please allow me to honor the Egyptian theme.

I won't keep you in suspense, so will share with you right away the surf and advertising sites you can join for FREE, with the beautiful Egyptian flavor.

The generous admins give you credits, banner ad impressions, and text link ad impressions when you sign up, but, of course, you get more when you surf -- which is the whole idea of it all.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Does Your Business Need a Lift?

Has your marketing gone drab, dull, and dreary?

Does your business need a lift?

A new surge of energy, perhaps? 

Or maybe, you've ran out of ideas? 

People aren't responding anymore?

Be kind to yourself, it's all understandable, considering how tough and competitive the sales and marketing world really is.

But you know what?

There's a practical solution.

Use EXCITING mailers!

Let your efforts be playful, productive, and progressive. 

Become the hip marketer that you are!

Allow exciting, new mailers to revive your efforts. 

You work so hard, let it be easier this time around. 

Let fun mailers help you. 

Slave away no more.

Be on the cutting edge of things.

Marvel at how these mailers can make advertising and promotions so fun, and easy for you.

Plus, the admins are known to work hard for their members.

Here's the AWESOME list!

1. CHEERFUL new mailer

2. SPICY advertising

3. MARKETER's paradise 

4. RAINBOW mailer

5. SUNNY mailer 

6. FUN list mailer

All very easy to join, comes with FREE credits, banners, text link ads, simple to navigate, filled with treasures (cash and credits), sign up is FREE, and delightful to use!

BONUS: Click this link to earn a $2 sign-up BONUS from this generous, new mailer.

These will surely lift your advertising every day!

Saturday, April 4, 2020

New Mailer Offers $2 Sign Up Bonus

It's fun building a site together, for both admin and new members, for that's how everything starts anyway.

Consider this new mailer, which offers you a two-dollar sign-up bonus!

It's an exciting new mailer, created by admins who have many sites between them.

As such, you can expect, this site will be around and cared for.

The admins are known to be active and generous, offering their members exciting stuff all the time.

It's a very easy-to-navigate site, with straightforward mailing, so, you'll enjoy using it each day, as you're allowed to mail every day, even if you're a FREE member.

Promoting it is easy, as everyone loves sign-up bonuses, so expect to get your own referrals.

Commissions can be used to upgrade, and that's always a smart move.

Sign up at this awesome new mailer now, and receive 1,000 credits, 2,000 long banner impressions, 1,000 square banner impressions, and 2,000 text link ad impressions.

If you're like me, I couldn't wait to mail right away!

Sign up is FREE, as always.

Use the promo code Space Age Fuel, to receive your sign-up bonus, so see you there!

Monday, March 16, 2020

Smokin' Hot Advertising

Has your advertising gone stale?

Or maybe, the platform you're using's lackluster?

Or maybe, stingy, yes?

Or perhaps, all were that way to begin with?

Not to worry!

Why suffer?

We marketers and site owners all go through the same blah.

So, it was a wonderful discovery for me today, to finally find a spicy hot site!

Well, of course, spicy is hot.

Some writer I make.

Forgive me for all my excitement, for it's so very easy to join this site, and put in my ads, and mail.

Considering I labored previously with another well-known site, which simply didn't want an "https", nor a "blogspot" URL, and so many other things it spat out back at me.

After the nth time of trying to send a mail, I've had it.

That's it.

Time to find a site that welcomes my ads.

Holy habanero!

I found this smokin' hot site all over again.

Been there all along.

But don't over-think it.

If you trust me -- a tired and worn marketer, from all the sites I've checked, signed up with, navigated, paid for, signed out of, wrote about here, and in all of my crazy blogs -- then, perhaps, you'd listen, yes?

I'm all for efficiency, economy, and effectivity.

I suggest you sign up right away, and play away, pronto!

Your ads are loved here.

Plus, you get the following, easily:

5 long banners 
5 button banners 
5 solo ads 
5 hot links 
5 traffic links 

So very easy to earn points, too!

Click an ad, and you get 100 points.

Oh, and I think I was awarded 9,000 points upon sign up.

So wonderful reading the solo ads, too!

You get 250 credits!

Your solo ad could be there, as well.

Sign up is FREE FREE FREE!

Hear the echo?

That's my happy heart rejoicing at such a find.

Time for your ads to get that extra verve and heat, yes?

Sign up is FREE FREE FREE!

Silly me.

Click here now.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Happy Spring Promo Code For FREE Ads

How would you like to get lots of advertising credits, banners, and solo ads from seven sites right now?

Pretty easy.

All you have to do is sign up on these sites, verify your email address, log in, put in the promo code "Spring2020" (without quotation marks), and receive your ads*.

Click the links below and sign up, for FREE!

Real Time Solo Traffic

Real Time Ad Blast

Real Time Surf Ads

Real Time Mega Traffic

Real Time Auto Surf

Real Time Commission Ads

Real Time Script Store

*Apart from the Spring promo code, another promo code lurks in every site.

You also receive the normal sign-up credits, and FREE ad pack of banners, solo ads, and text link ads.

It's a breeze to navigate these JV sites.

They also have lots of members, are so user-friendly, you will truly be as happy and as joyous as Spring!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Free Banners For Food Lovers

Nuts about food?

Marketers usually are, for we do work long, and hard.

If that photo has whet your appetite, perhaps, the link I'll be giving you below will make you an even happier (and hungrier) marketer.

As a bonus, you get to promote 10 of your favorite banners, and the host site, as well.

So, that's 11 sites in all that you can benefit from!

Click this link now!

After drooling, and wanting to join, merely click the header of the page, and you will be brought to the main page.

Happy promoting!

POWERFUL Viral Banner Sites

As promised, from the previous post, I will be sharing with you other sites where you can promote up to 10 banners. 

Here are the fun viral banner sites worth looking into: 

Viral site 1
All sites are FREE to join, so put in your best 468 and 125 banners, and share those links everywhere possible.

Happy promoting!