Wednesday, January 9, 2019

How One Can Earn Money in AdFeedz Without Any Referrals?

By now, you must have heard about AdFeedz or probably have seen its colorful banners all over the online marketing world.

Because everyone seems to be happily promoting this dynamic, young site  you can imagine how competitive getting referrals are.

But there's no need to be downhearted about that for here are six (6) ways you can earn from AdFeedz without any referral:

1. Earn upon "Sign Up".
Easiest thing, too, for you get 1,000 advertising credits and $2.50 for doing small tasks. This is really a generous company.

2. Click the "Cash Links".
There are always a good bunch of cash links each day that you can click and view for 10 full seconds. You earn points which give you cash.

3. Do the "Surf Pool".
Surf 10-second ads, earn points, and get the equivalent earnings from the surf pool. Show your sites and banners here, too.

4. Write a "Post & Earn".
There are several recommended titles for you to write about for your blogs which the staff will review and you get credits plus cash.

5. Earn from the "Group Pool".
Depending on how many shares you have, you get 25% of the group pool. You need to have an active profit contract*.

6. Earn from the "Global Pool".
You get 20% of whatever shares you hold from the global pool. Really fair. You also need an active profit contract*.

*An "active profit contract" is purchase of a $29 advertising credit you can use for your promotions. This contract is active for 50 days or until you reach the 120% earning of $34.80.

As you can see, there are six ways of earning pretty easily even without referrals. All you have to do is sign up, activate your link, accomplish the 17 easy tasks to earn your  sign-up cash bonus, put in your banner and text ads, surf, click the cash links, promote the site, and you earn all throughout.

All these you can do easily in one sitting, so do focus on the task so you can see how much you've earned after all that enjoyable work. 

The great thing is that EVERY member who joins will earn here and you will love the experience of being alongside everyone doing the same thing every day with you.

Everything is spelled out clearly on-site and you will enjoy this site very much. Otherwise, why else are people signing up like crazy?

Click this link now and become part of the AdFeedz team! It's really all about team effort anyway and sharing good things that everyone can partake from.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Join, Click, Earn With Mega-50

Created on 5 January 2019 by mega-Owner, Admin, and programmer Marianne Myers, Mega-50 offers you the following benefits quoted from their website:

+~ Make money with CMM advertising (even on your referrals too). 

+~ Make money referring others (Earn commissions on 3 levels too). 

+~ Make money with passive FREE commissions (passive too, all of it huge potential for YOU). 


Get CMM advertising. 

Get Banner advertising. 

Get Text ad advertising. 

Get commissions with ADMIN (because admin has no upline to do it with). 

FREE members will love the part where you can earn from surfing the sites and earning credits to show your own banners.

Of course, upgraded members have more benefits.

Nevertheless, it's FREE to join and you simply must! Click here to view site.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Have a Great 2019 Everyone!

Do you love looking forward to a new year?

How has it been for you?

All things being equal, we sincerely hope you have an even better 2019!

Band of Banners is but 15 months old and having the time of her life finding great programs and deals for you.

We intend to find even more magnificent programs that will expand your reach through advertising.

Our programs are all free to join, upgrading is optional.

We always look out for the "little" guy who's just starting out for we've been there, too.

In truth?

Marketing, whether online or offline, is a continuous process of learning and sharing.

Perhaps, we will never get things done, for marketing's a dynamic enterprise.

True marketers love finding new stuff and yet always go back to the classics that really work anyway.

Patience and persistence always pay off for the long term.

Tiny moves, little gains, steady heart, we're all going to succeed even more.

That is, if we all help each other, of course.

Marketing's not a solitary job.

We're all in it together, sharing, learning, teaching, and having fun as we all go through that each day.

Expect even GREATER things here at Band of Banners.

We thank you for being here with us each day, too!

Here's to even MORE love, joy, peace, and success for you and your families!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

11 Classic Mail and Surf Sites

We first learned of JV sites when we became a member of the reliable Traffic Hearts on 14 August 2017.

A new year will be starting soon so it's always good to look back before we go any further. 

Band of Banners first got intrigued by Opal Solo Ads where you can click the Recharge Network ads (RNA) and get lots of credits plus a fraction of a cent. We didn't realize you could earn just by reading mails that way. That got us researching more about such sites until we were burping from so many sites -- checking and counter-checking.

We had been a member of OSA since 24 September 2017, which makes us a member for the past 15 months already.

When a program is good and steady, you tend to stick with it. We also found other really great programs and would love to thank the owners and admins of these other sites for a job well done!

Send My Solo
Cash In On Banners
Real Time Surf
Hit Chocolate
Drag Bus Hits
Banner Surfers
Bulls Eye Surf
Hot Link Cycler

The owners and admins of these sites will be happy if you could join their sites, too, for they work real hard at making their members happy and content.

You will love joining these sites anyway for some have either a CASH sign-up bonus, FREE ad pack, or both -- perfect for your own promotions.

You also earn cash or credits if you get referrals for these sites. All you have to do is share their site link. Online marketing is really all about helping each other succeed. Let's help each other then!