Friday, July 20, 2018

Why We Like JV Sites

Click on this link to go to Kenny Lessing's Real Time Mega Traffic site. Mr. Lessing is the main man who develops many cool JV sites.

Back in 17 September 2017, we stumbled upon the JV (Mr. Lessing says it stands for "Join Venture") sites and found them to be great membership sites when you wish to wet your feet in the marketing pool.

It was such a cool and FREE way of marketing our programs as we also learned along the way. Where else can you join membership sites and yet get paid $5 for signing up?

We know four (4) sites that do! Click on this link to know which ones these are.

Every Admin was different, of course, so we sifted through all the sites we came upon and whatever you'd find on this page or on this other blog will surely make you want to join. You get a FREE ad pack of huge credits, banners, and text ads. Plus, you can also earn from promoting these Admin's sites.

This is what affiliate marketing was all about. You join the sites; you promote your programs to the members; you get paid for getting more members into the site. It's really all give and take, which makes sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship fun!

We did write in 25 November 2017 that we like JV sites for the following reasons. JV sites are:

1. FUN to use.
2. EASY to use.
3. GREAT potential for earning and learning.
4. FREE to join!