Friday, November 16, 2018

Putting Heart Back Into Marketing

For businesses to thrive, it's always important to put heart back into marketing.

You will love Traffic Hearts for it's been around quite a while. Ownership has also transferred from Mike Miller to James Kaucic, the new admin now.

Band of Banners has been a member of this site since 14 August 2017 and enjoyed being such.

Here's what you get when you join right now as a FREE member:

1,000 credits
5 solo ads
5 long banners with 500 impressions each
5 button banners with 300 impressions each
5 text link ads with 20 clicks each

Of course, upgraded members always receive more benefits. Also, if you remain active each month as a FREE member, you get an additional 500 credits.

We've remained members of Traffic Hearts since last year as it's a fun and responsive site to join, plus you get to mail 259 members in it through the credit mailer.

There's really no cost to join and yet you get so many benefits from the generous admin.

Click on this link to sign up now!