Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Become an ADMIN Today!

Ever tried becoming an admin of your own site?

Now, why would you want to do that, you'd ask me.

Well, others would get excited at the prospect.

I was admin of two sites once.

It was fun, easy, and affordable -- and to think I was such a newbie then -- I don't know what got into me.

All I learned about online marketing and mailing came from these user-friendly JV sites, that's why I keep using them till now.

Of course, I did many things wrong, as I tend to teach myself, but you really can't wreck the sites, so have no fear.

Mr. Kenny Lessing of Real Time Script Store's there to help you out, and my experience is he's very approachable and knowledgeable, considering he's been creating JV sites since 2008.

Should you choose this exciting path, here are the BENEFITS:

1. You get to build your own e-mail list.
2. You get to show your offers to that e-mail list.
3. You get to earn from selling network ads to your list.
4. You get to choose payment processors that work for all of you.
5. You get to develop your own membership base.
6. You get to enjoy being admin of your site.

Of course, just as you show your offers to your members, in turn, you invite them to show you, and others, their own offers, too.

That's what makes everything so fun -- how your site will soon be buzzing with activity, and potential income.

Be brave, be adventurous, take the road not frequently traveled, and become ADMIN of your own site now!

Have great fun calling the shots at your very own site!

Who says building an e-mail list is difficult?

Not the Lessing way!

JV sites are the coolest, easiest, friendliest, smartest, and most affordable way to build your own e-mail list without the headache, plus the prestige of having your very OWN site to admin. 

Here's the link to sign up for FREE and have a look at the sites available to own, or rent.

Go for it!