Tuesday, October 23, 2018

CASH and Credits From Reading Mails

Do you like to read mails -- whether from your inbox or onsite?

Well, you can get paid for it, too!

Join these sites and get paid for reading their mails. You will also get a $5 sign-up BONUS at some of these sites.

Without much more ado, here are the sites where the generous admins offer us cash and credits for reading their mails:

Send My Solo
Opal Solo Ads
Advance Safelist
Better Day Ads
Galaxy Solo Ads
International Mails

Reading mails won't make you rich money-wise, but it will make you rich information-wise. 

You get to know new stuff around, new programs to learn from and to join -- and you never know, you may just hit the Mother Lode.

You also get lots of FREE solos, credits, and ad packs (banners and text link ads) to do your own mailings and promotions to the membership base.

But there's one thing you can do to increase your income from reading mails and joining the sites above -- you can promote the site links and get referrals.

Of course, you get additional cash and credits for having others join under you.

The beauty of it all is that EVERYONE gets to earn!

That makes online marketing so very worthwhile.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Get Your $2 Sign-Up BONUS at These Sites!

How would you like to get a $2 sign-up BONUS at some very well-managed mail and surf sites now?

We're really lucky, how many admins would do that outright?

That's taking a leap of faith in us members, so let's sign up, activate our links, put in our programs, and promote their links, too.

Get your own bunch of referrals and everybody wins, especially of your referral upgrades or buys advertising.

You're also given a FREE ad pack of credits, banners, and text link ads upon activation of your membership link.

Here are the sites you can get your $2 from!

Fast List Mailer
List Unlocked
Viral Robot Mailer

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Revolutionary Online Stock Exchange

Thanks to Raymond Mytton, one of the most hardworking Admins around, we got to know about the dynamic Online Stock Exchange (OSE).

Everyone who joins will have great potential for earning from the following ways:

1. Earning dividends from investing in the many exciting programs and companies by just investing a minimum of $3.00
2. Getting referrals when you promote your OSE link.
3. Accomplishing jobs which pay on-site.
4. Joining referral contests as published by OSE Admin.

Average investors are reported to have earned a monthly 148% ROI.

You will want to become part of OSE for the following reasons:
-- It's risk-free.
-- Your investments are insured.
-- The yield calculation occurs every day.
-- Your privacy is assured.
-- Your minimum investment is but $3.00

And if you really want to see the real benefit of investing at OSE, think in terms of helping other entrepreneurs and nations grow their business.

It's all about livelihood and helping each other.

Something that really aligns with what Band of Banners is all about.

Our philosophy is focused on "creating caring communities".

Please join Mr. Mytton and BOB at Online Stock Exchange and let us all grow happily and prosperously together.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Earn at Banner Surfers Now

We've been a member of this really cool site --  Banner Surfers -- for over a year now.

As such, we've seen how it's grown and evolved, and we must say, ever so beautifully!

The owner and admin have always promptly communicated with us whenever we had a question.

It's stayed on top of its game and keeps creating new opportunities for its members to earn, surf, and promote.

You will find ways to earn cash like the new PTC offer wall which has opportunities for you to take surveys and fulfill requests from other members and advertisers, apart from the PTC wall already in place.

All you need is click on this link to sign up, activate, and start putting in your coolest 125 x 125 banners that will catch other surfers' attention.

It's also good manners to promote the site as it blesses everyone when we give and take in online business.

When you surf or get referrals, you get credits and cash, respectively.

You must know it's so fun and easy to surf as the admin always has new offers that cut down your surfing time and yet giving you more cash and credits for doing so. Sometimes, you've really got to know when a gift is being given.

Those credits you've earned can be used to keep showing your sites.

Of course, upgraded members always earn more, that's a given.

Join compact but exciting Banner Surfers now!