Friday, September 17, 2021

BOB turns 4


1 Thessalonians 5:18

King James Version

18 In every thing give thanks: 

for this is the will of God 

in Christ Jesus 

concerning you.

Band of Banners, the Home of FREE advertising, turns 4 today.

I wish to thank you for being part of our site.

It was enormous fun, searching for sites you can join, for FREE.

Allow me to thank admins who gave me FREE upgrades, just by being active on their sites, and promoting their sites:

Linda Hoknes of Linda's Free Mailer Plus.

Evija Gurtlava of Over the Rainbow Mailer.

Randy Brickhouse-Bey of Opal Solo Ads

David Hodges of Text Ad Overload.

Mike Miller (formerly) of Surf Works.

One site, Easy and Effective Promotion, even gave me a special promo code for you.

Use bandofbanners, and receive:

-- 5,000 credits

-- 2 solo ads

-- FREE JV upgrade

I've done my research, and found these mailers responsive, with high CTR.

I've been kept busy with 31 other blogs, which I promote on those mailers.

Whatever family-oriented, and people-friendly programs you have, go ahead and promote on those sites.

As always, sign up is FREE.

And you also get a FREE ad pack of credits, solo ads, banners, and text link ads.

Remain active each month, and you receive more FREE ads.

Here's to the success of your ventures!

And remember to GIVE GLORY to GOD!

All efforts are worth it, when we serve Him.

Friday, July 30, 2021

The SIMPLEST marketing page

After six years of being in online marketing, I discovered something delightfully simple.

So simple you'd laugh.

Here's the simplest marketing page I found.


That's it??


So you turn it inside out, upside in, hoping there'd be more?

Nope, that's about it!

All that white space holds 3 COOL things:
1. Your favorite image.
2. The web page host link.
3. Your favorite banner ad.

Plus, it loads fast -- great for surf sites. 

SIMPLE is in.

SPARE and BARE is intelligent.

Your customers could focus better.

Consider it an exercise in focus, and discipline.

It's for the lazy, the intelligent, and the overworked.

Which one are you?

P.S. And yes, you can change the banner ad, any time you want.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

REVOLUTIONARY traffic exchange


How would you like unlimited hits to your traffic site, and a HIGH click through ratio to your ads?

And with just 20 minutes of work each month?

By work, we mean any, or ALL of the following:

1. You can surf 50 sites.

2. You can read emails.

3. You can mail your offer.

4. You can put out your banners.

5. You can put out your text ads.

6. You can do all of the above.

Of course, it's such a cool site, you'd want to share it with others, so they can get unlimited hits to their programs, too.

Plus, you earn from their surfing.

That will ensure a steady supply of credits for you.

And likewise for them, if they get their own referrals.

EVERYONE gets maximum exposure.

You can even select which site to view, as there are thumbnail previews of other member's sites.

Your site gets similar exposure, so do make your site appealing.

You can read mails on-site, or it could be sent to your email address.

This is such a fine site, you will love the many details put out by owner Darren Olander.

You get to monitor how your mails and sites are doing, how many mails you've read, how many referrals you have, how many credits you've earned from their surfing.

There are daily surf drawings, rewarding participants with lots of credits.

There are reward codes you'll love fulfilling

And if all you do is surf 50 sites, or read on-site mails, you're already set for the WHOLE month!

No other site allows such sophistication, and generosity.

You have to visit LIST SURFING, to know what I'm talking about.

And yes, it's all FREE to join.

Come be with us now, and have fun surfing, reading mails, promoting your sites, using your social media, and connecting with other members.

This is truly an ULTRA hip mailer, and traffic exchange.

P.S. I better admit something, just so you know how high the click-through ratio (CTR) is.

I had not surfed for TWO months.

Yes, two, shameless months.

Lo, and behold, my ad still got nearly 500 hits, and over 50% CTR.

That's why I'm ashamed. 

You will have fun.

Your ads will get exposure.

You can earn from your referral's surfing.

You can earn commissions from their upgrades.

You will love connecting with other members.

So, again, click this link now, and have FUN surfing, and mailing!

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Does Your Business Need a Lift?

Has your marketing gone dull, drab, and dreary?

Does your business need a lift?

A new surge of energy, perhaps? 

Or maybe, you've ran out of ideas? 

People aren't responding anymore? 

There's a practical solution.

Use EXCITING mail and surf sites.

Let your efforts be playful, productive, and progressive.  

Allow these mail and surf sites to revive you, and your marketing:  

1. MAIL anytime.
2. CLICK advertising coin ads.
3. JOIN active and well-run mailer.
4. GET referrals for your programs.
5. ENJOY mailing each day.
6. ROTATE your banners on 6 sites.
7. RECEIVE generous monthly ads.
8. BECOME an admin.
9. USE the simplest marketing page.

All sites are FREE to join, with matching ad pack of credits, banners, text link ads.

These will surely lift your advertising every day!

If you're already a member of those sites, well, this blog has many more sites you can join, so just look through the blog.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

The ORIGINAL Autosurf JV Site


If you like autosurf sites, and this is a really cool autosurf site, you'd like to SIGN up here.

Surf Works is the ORIGINAL autosurf JV site.

How can I not know?

I've been a member since 14 August 2017.

The moment it was promoted as the "next level" auto surf, I joined RIGHT away.

The original owner and admin was  Mike Miller, who owns many other sites. 

I've known Mr. Miller since 2017, too.

He's a kind, generous, and accommodating admin, if you must know.

Recently, Kristie Robinson took over the site.

This amazing lady is also owner, and admin, of many other exciting JV sites.

What would you receive for joining SURF WORKS?

A generous:

-- 5,000 credits

-- 2 long banners

-- 2 square banners

-- 2 text link ads

And yes, sign up is FREE!

Click this link to join us now and have fun putting in your ads, and enjoying the fast autosurf!

Monday, December 28, 2020

GET Rewarded for MAILING Often


Every so often, depending on how active I am at Mail Call Rocks, I receive LOTS of rewards.

Here's a sample of what I received last week, as one of the "Weekly Contest Winners":

500 credits

3 banners with 250 impressions each

3 sq banners with 250 impressions each

3 text ad links with 250 impressions each

3 sponsor ads with 50 views each

And all because I sent a solo ad, read some mails, and clicked other marketer's ads.

You will really like this site, for the admins are great!

There's Army Veteran, Daniel Baxter, and Navy Veteran, Greg McClinchey.

Because soldiers love mail, they want to pass on the same excitement to all of us.

You will also be pleased that your solo ads get LOTS of clicks from other advertisers.

That means the members are paying attention to your mails.

Stats can be seen on-site.

Sign up to receive the following:

-- 1,000 credits

-- 10 solo ads

-- 2 long banners

-- 2 square banners

-- 3 text link ads

Sign up is FREE!

Click here to join us now!

Monday, November 9, 2020



Then it's time to JOIN this SURF site!

You get 500 credits just like that!

And 750 banner and text link ad views -- EACH!

Oh, and each member's site viewed gives you 1 credit.

Surf 25 sites now and enjoy the run!

This is a CLASSIC surf site, run by well-known admins who've been around.

Use promo code: Hammer Down

Monday, October 26, 2020



Need a lift to your marketing?

Then you've got to join these two sites:

FUN mailer

FUN surf

It's the only way not to fall asleep at the "wheel".

The mailer allows you colorful HTML mails.

The surf site is just plain engaging, and really fast.

Sign up is FREE!

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Surf Like a NUT

What does surfing like a nut mean?

Well, for one, you surf because you like the surf click icons.

So, you surf, and end up surfing 250 sites coz it's a fast site.
And you end up getting 50 credits from "Surfer Rewards", when you already have over a thousand credits from previous surfing.

Of course, you're a nut, coz you didn't surf regularly.

Then, you realize the surf site's fast coz it's a Sunday, and they've got a promo:

New members will like this site coz you get a sign-up bonus, after surfing 100 pages.

Now, now, don't panic.

If I, a surf slug, can surf 250 pages in one sitting, and not even notice it, perhaps you -- a surf maniac -- could do better.

I'd be surprised if you can't.

Also, it's owned by Greg Parkin, a really cool dude who's got so many equally-cool surf and mail sites that will make your head spin.

Like he said on the site, Squirly is "Working Each Day to Profit Every Tomorrow."

Gather the nuts, till you've got a stash.

And it's all so easy, coz it's a fast and cool surf site, that rewards you for your effortless efforts.

I mean, wouldn't you want to surf just to match the surf click icons for October?

Or maybe icons you can collect?

You've got to be nuts not to.

There's a cash sign-up bonus, credits, FREE banners, text link ads, fast surf, easy surf click icons, lots of random rewards as you surf (look for nutty Squirly to click), and a low cash out.

Plus, it's an awesomely FUN site, with an active, caring admin.

Promote the site, and when your referrals purchase advertising or upgrades, you'll be in a nut house, completely overjoyed.

So, I say, welcome to SQUIRLY Traffic!

And while you're at it, sign up here now, to gather your nuts, for a rainy, or wintry day!

Monday, October 5, 2020

SURF With Indiana FROG


This cool, surf site has been around since 2009, and I had been a member for several years now.

But it is only now I saw the full "power" of the site, for it was transformed.

To my great surprise, and delight, the site shifted to a more user-friendly, and more exciting, script.

The lovely site "breathes" more now.

Check it out here.

I can almost feel the "coolness" of the rain forest!

Also, I liked how the new owner introduces us to his site:

"Deep in the tropical rain forest, you will discover the remains of lost cities and civilizations, these were once the home of amazing views, ancient traffic secrets and prosperous peoples.

Experts believe that vast amounts of hidden treasure still remain within the Rain Forest. Join Indiana Frog to find these lost traffic secrets and treasures, we believe you'll uncover jewels in the form of Ad views, banner impressions, text impressions, Square Banner Impressions, peel ads and even golden rewards."


Then sign up, and start promoting in just minutes.

Or, if you want, you can surf 77 pages, and receive a GENEROUS ad pack.

Either way, this site is a must-join!

It has over 17,500 members waiting to view your ads.

Founded in 2009, that's 11 years of steady ad delivery.

If you choose to surf those 77 pages, used promo code: Indiana Frog and receive the following:

-- 500 credits

-- 1,000 long banners

-- 1,000 square banners

-- 1,000 text link ads

-- 1,000 peel ads

Also, you can expect to happily stay on the site surfing, for there's a "dancing" frog to look out for.

He's the one who will reward you almost every other page, or so.

Watch for the pages you surf, too, for the admin will surprise you with his amazing generosity!

You will also like the "periodic" showing of YOUR stats, as you earn those rewards often.

I surfed today, and boy, did I collect quite a number of rewards!

And so very easy to surf, no distractions, save for that "dancing" frog friend to click.

I think, the problem may be, that we'll have a hard time pulling you off the site.

It's too AWESOME!

But 'nuff said, click here now, and join us happy bunch of surfers!

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Your Mails Will Be Read Here


How do I know?

Coz I have, and did.

More than 50 of them today.

First, I started reading one mail.

Then saw this site had many other cool mails.

Titles that I haven't seen, as with other sites.

Interesting offers, bits of information.

Stuff we can all look into.

One mail led to 50 or more of them.

I didn't get tired.

I got intrigued.

The site loads fast anyway.

Plus, you can open up 10 mails at a time, and read one after the other.

Giving each mail the appropriate respect.

Others only allow up to 5 mails opened.

Well, I must be fair.

Maybe because I'm upgraded.

Have been since the start of this mailer with a previous owner over a year ago.

But now, it's got a new owner, and a new admin.

I know that your mails will be read.

I'm one reader, you see.

I research, and review sites.

And this site ROCKS!

Click this link, check it out, sign up if you wish.

But know one thing.

The members read our mails.

And it's from a member who does.

Don't focus so much on whether you'll win the reading competition, for there is.

Focus more on crafting a cool title, something that will intrigue members.

Craft a title, and a mail, that will make us want to open your mail.

Give us something that will be useful and legit for us.

And you can be sure we'll read it.

This site is one of those sites designed for easy reading.

And FUN reading.

Progressive credits are given.

You will have the credits you'll need for mailing your own offers.

Oh, and change titles often.

People don't want to keep seeing the same title, again, and again.

Remember, we all visit the same sites, sometimes.

Make your mails fun, crazy, easy to read, short, and real.

Pretty much like what you're reading here.

But a fraction of the length.

Only coz we all have to read many other mails, from many sites, too.

Have mercy on us readers.

And now, I better have mercy on you.

And let you off, to check out this GENEROUS mailer.

And check the promo code upon sign up.

ENJOY mailing, and reading!