Friday, February 15, 2019

An Aromatherapy Affiliate Program

Do you like a gentle way of selling, where you're offering people something truly worthwhile, and even healing?

The kind where, even as you earn, you know that what you're offering people have great value?

And that it's kind to animals and nature, too?

Well, we may just have something beautiful here.

If you are into aromatherapy then you will like this heart-felt company which was founded December 2010 in Utah -- a small company meeting the "local needs of health stores, chiropractors, spas, and individuals".

Their essential oils are owned and operated by Certified Aromatherapists for integrity is important to them.

With a beautiful and solid foundation like that, won't you want to be part of their affiliate team?

Here's what the company shares about their Affiliate Program:

"We pay 20% commission on first-time orders from those you’ve referred and 10% commissions on their subsequent orders. Affiliates do not receive commissions on their own orders, but they do receive a 10% discount on their personal purchases (not in addition to other sales/discounts/offers)." 

There is really a gentler and more caring way of doing business and we at Band of Banners constantly research such, especially the ones that are affordable and thus, compassionate.

If you're interested in this company and what it stands for, we invite you to join us now and click on this link. Together we can create more love, peace, joy, abundance, and healing among ourselves.

And that's always good for business.

P.S. To thank you for reading this blog post, we'd like to give you a link where you can download a FREE course on aromatherapy. You will even be given a Certificate of Completion.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

A Global Way of Learning and Earning Together

How would you, your family members, or co-workers like to earn as you learn online? Which of these categories interest you?
Community Votes
Crypto & Blockchain
Data Science
Game Development
Gamified Coding Courses
Graphic Design
Information Security
Machine Learning
Personal Development
Programming Languages
Web Development

You can earn if you sign up as an affiliate, and when you do, you also get lots of FREE courses to learn from.

This program is so sound and so beautiful that you will want to share it with your friends and family members anyway, whether you're an affiliate or not. It's too beautiful to keep to yourself.

Also, the learning and marketing possibilities are unlimited.

Can you imagine how your home, workplace, community, state, or country can benefit from this global online education set against modern standards of teaching?

Think of how many exciting things you can learn for but a small fee, and sometimes, even for FREE!

We hope you look more into this for yourself and your loved ones. This could be a perfect "evergreen" GIFT for all those you care for, at the office and at home.

Perhaps, it's also safe to say that families and workers who study and earn together, stay together! Everyone grows.

If you love learning, earning, and sharing invaluable information, this is a heart-felt business to look into.

Sign up here now!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Site That Got Us Leads -- Fast!

We never knew list-building could be easy.

We kept hearing about the need for it but didn't know how to start. We didn't know whom to trust.

Well, now we know and we'd like to share with you the SIMPLEST method we discovered. This knowledge is especially helpful for confused newbies and jaded veterans alike.

One particular site got us going and in no time at all we got at least 24 leads from one landing page in but a few days upon joining, and all the time as we were still groping in the dark .

You know the kind where you thought "was it a lucky accident" or perhaps "we did something right"? Or perhaps "both"?

Sure, 24 leads is not phenomenal by industry standards but consider the fact we didn't know how get leads, how to create landing pages, how to integrate with auto-responders, much less know how to use one.

So, of course, we kept putting off the inevitable, until one day, this site landed on our lap and we started using its FREE lead capture pages.

Better than that, we got over our fear of auto-responders and before you know it we signed up at one for the FREE trial, giving ourselves a chance to understand how it all worked.

We didn't realize how beautiful having a seamless integration was -- of how you had a capture page that got leads and eventually found itself being part of your auto-responder -- with leads being your gold mine for future programs.

Now we understood what internet marketers mean when they say they treated their leads like GOLD!

If you want a simple and efficient tandem, FREE to join, please click on the links below, and start your own lead-capture system:
Lead builder

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Easiest Way To Start

Are you a newcomer in the internet marketing industry?

Or even perhaps a veteran already?

Can you safely say you've found the PERFECT program(s) to promote?

The ones that are so achingly simple, it's almost unbelievable?

That it's been there all along but you never knew it was THAT good and THAT sane?

Well, in all our young years of research (for others have been at this for decades), constantly and tenaciously trying to find that one program that really made sense and finally thinking to ourselves, 

"This is it. We must focus on these and these alone."

Well, we re-discovered five (5) complete programs today.

You will surely turn it upside down, inside out, looking for any defects or traps but we personally can't find any. They're simple, solid, and steady -- a great foundation for all your other programs.

These programs have been there all along but not truly appreciated for what they were.

People have become used to the complicated.

Sometimes, the secret to success is in knowing when to stop.

You must trust and let go.

We at Band of Banners have always been focused on the simple, the smart, the inexpensive, and the user-friendly.

We feel these are the five programs that will give you the leads for your programs as well as earn from your efforts. All FREE to join!

Lead builder 1
Lead builder 2
Tracker 1
Tracker 2

Upon signing up, stick to the basics, work the program, and promote these like crazy.