Friday, December 13, 2019

15-Year-Old Smooth Surf Site

Founded on 2004, Click Voyager continues to give joy when you put in your ads and surf (manually, but fast), for its site is so attractive, playful, and easy to navigate.

Here are some of its additional, classic features:

-- Over 15 years online.
-- Millions of visitors delivered.
-- Super smooth surfing.
-- Prizes and contests every day.
-- Earn a FREE upgrade every Sunday.

This cool site also offers you an opportunity to create your own splash pages, with Click Voyager hosting it for you.

Not too many surf sites last this long, but CV did, and has.

Earn credits as you surf, giving you a chance to show your own ads, too.

You can put in your sites, banners, and text ads for the fast surf.

Click this link and join this fun site now.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Cold, Essential Oils, and Potential Income

It's the cold season once more, also a common time to get the pesky, common cold.

We marketers work really hard at our craft, and if we don't take care, our immune systems may be lowered, increasing our risks for catching those numerous viruses out there.

This, being the holiday season, everyone's busy, and yet you have to compress work, doubling, or even quadrupling your stress levels, not to mention thoughts of 2020 for creating new programs and approaches to your work.

We thought essential oils would be helpful, especially if you prefer going natural with treatment of mild flu or colds, or clearing your lungs from phlegm.

Here's a link from a medical website that shares with you 12 essential oils that may help relieve cough.

If you wish to view or purchase those oils, here's a link to do so, from  a company that's simple and easy to do business with.

Best of all, you also have an opportunity to be an affiliate for that essential oil company and share their exciting products.

It's really a simple win-win concept: after reading that medical article, you can take note of the oils you're interested in, go to this site to view or purchase, or become an affiliate.

Here's wishing you a HEALTHY and PROSPEROUS Christmas!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

An Improved Band of Banners Blog

Thank you for being here with me for over two years now.

Founded on 17 September 2017, Band of Banners  has featured programs that pay (a sign-up BONUS) as you sign up, promote your own programs, and promote the site owner's link, too!

I've also searched for sites that give you great traffic exposure for your offers.

Most of all, all sites featured here are FREE to join and won't cost you a penny, and yet may give you an opportunity to earn if you work hard at it, too.

The idea is to promote your programs and the owner's sites, giving you referrals which may earn you cash, credits, or both.

There are quite a few of those sites you can earn a sign-up bonus from so please view these links:

$5 sign-up bonus
$2 sign-up bonus
$1 sign-up bonus

I've always believed in everyone helping each other.

It's been a while since I last wrote something here, only because I was on a beautiful path with regards to my spiritual life since early September 2019.

A business with heart, and more heart, and with Jesus in it, becomes a better business.

Greed has never been part of starting and maintaining worthwhile business, whether it's an online business or a brick-and-mortar business.

May you live with the same principles, too.

For now, I thank you for being here with me for over two years now.

Expect even better things, for by now, we've learned much.

We now know which programs work, which site owners are kind and those who really deliver and pay, and which traffic sources can give you the exposure you need for your offers.

Wishing you the very best in your life and work!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Effortless Traffic From Your Websites

If you're a website owner or admin, here are really cool sites you can join that would give you unlimited traffic if you put their "widget" on your site:

Unli traffic 1

Unli traffic 2

Unli traffic 3

Unli traffic 4

Unli traffic 5

Unli traffic 6 (no widget, just get referrals)

Widgets are HTML coded stuff you put on your website which earns you credits (for your own banners, text ad links, and sites) every time your site is shown.

Thus, each time your website's viewed with those widgets on it, you receive effortless traffic to your own sites.

Marketing's give and take and works wonderfully for all.

Also, all sites are FREE to join.