Thursday, July 12, 2018

HOT new sites

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Big Bang Surf 
Invader Mails
Mega Ad Mailer
Bitcoin Pro Ads
Universal Surf Ads
Groovy Surf Ads
Real Time Auto Surf
Ultimate Surf Ads
Drumroll Solos
Mr. Solo Ad
High Power Mails
Radio Wave Ads
Ship Mails
Big Surf Ads
Traffic Ad Sea
Text Ad Surfer
Booster Ads
Rocking Solos
Melody Solo Ads
Traffic Tunes
Traffic Team
Crazy Solo Ads
Cowboy Solos
Digi Solos
Solo Ad Warrior
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Fast Auto Hits
Drag Bus Hits
Traffic Ad Sea
Texas Big Surf
Cowboy Solos
Traffic Flash
Good Day Mails
Evergreen Solo Ads
Amazing Mailer
Outback Traffic
Washington Solos
Mail Motivation
Big League Ads
Mega Traffic Ads
Diva Solo Ads
Surfin Traffic 
Text Ad Touchdown
Harmony Mails
Free Advertising For You
Sunny Solos
Mystical Solos
Real Time Splash Ads 
Crazy Surf Ads (surf 250 to get FREE JV upgrade)
Galaxy Solo Ads
Chalkboard Ads
Surf for Traffic
Massive Mails
One Buck Ads
Emerald City Ads
Surf Boss
Solo Data
Way Cool Surf 
Surf Max
London Surf
Cardinal Surf
Charter Bus Solos
My Traffic Planet
Hit Helper
Surf Web Ads

The condensed version:
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