Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Finally, a Money-Making Program That Makes Sense

Actually, don't click the image, I kept it static; you'll have the links to this cool, entrepreneur's site, soon as I tell you a bit more.

If you're a marketer like me, then you're an entrepreneur.

How many programs have we all been in?

How many have actually made us money?

How many have run off with our money?

How many strands of hair do we have left on our heads?

Online marketing does that.

We're all crazy keeping at this game endlessly.

If it's not an addiction, I'd say it's LOVE, yes?

Long story short, I've seen a trickle of programs that really work or made sense.

Finally, yesterday, mercifully before 2020 would show up, I discovered this.

I found a really cool (maybe HOT) program that gives us all the following:

- An Online Income System based on REALITY.
- A Copy of The Reality Affiliate Marketing Plan.
- A Copy of The Traffic Source Report (so you know which ad sources are getting BUYER leads).
- A Way to get Leads, Referrals, and Commissions through its rich Downline Builder -- the CORE of the site.
- 100,000 FREE Ad Views.

Of course, I signed up because, finally, everything I needed for marketing was all in one place -- a BEAUTIFUL program, and all the TRAFFIC sites that worked for the founder -- which I'm also familiar with.

This program was created, tested, and tweaked many times by the founder -- all from pure, common sense, and from his success, ability, and understanding of digital marketing.

I've been a member of his first site since last year, and have seen his other programs, and now this.

Please have mercy on whatever hair's left on your head, and pull it no more.

There's only one way to find out if this program ROCKS with you.

It did with me, considering I've scoured programs since 2015 for my blogs.

Click this link to go directly to this BLAZING site! 

Here's to a BETTER and more EXCITING 2020 for all of us!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

POWERFUL Viral Banner Sites

You know how viruses work.

They spread like crazy.

So, why not make use of VIRAL banner sites that will give you 3 to 14 banners PER link, maximizing your FREE advertising exposure?

Here are the FUN and POWERFUL viral banner sites worth looking into:

All sites are FREE to join, so put in your best 468 and 125 banners, and share that link everywhere possible.

Happy promoting!

A CHRISTMAS Greeting From Band of Banners

"And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins."

Matthew 1:21 (King James Version)

We'll keep this CHRISTMAS greeting short and sweet.

We, at Band of Banners, wish you all the Heart of CHRIST in you!

May you and your loved ones, continue to be inspired by the SAVIOR.

Last of all, thank you for making time to be here, and for reading our posts, sharing with you the best programs we know.

GOD continue to bless all of you!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

User-Friendly Viral Mailer Downline Builder

Being blog designers ourselves, we enjoyed the beauty and simplicity of Leigh Ann Little's "Viral Mailer Downline Builder" site, which we only began to appreciate more today, even as we had signed up months ago.

And this only happened because we found a connection among 3 lady owners and admins who banded together for each other. It was wonderful how they helped each other.

The image above is a sample splash page which will feature up to 14 mailers you're a member of. 

It's a great page to promote as you can see.

All you have to do is sign up here, confirm your e-mail address, put in your sites, banners, text link ads, and fill in your ID #'s on the downline builder page.

Ms. Little's site is clean, crisp, and cheerful, you will want to sign up as we did.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

How Much Do You Love Your Ads?

Are you like me, who's passionate about my ads?

If I wasn't, I wouldn't be here.

I wouldn't even have created Band of Banners blog.

But because I love my ads, and your ads, I created a platform to showcase owners and admins best sites.

Here's one you'd like if:

You LOVE Mailers.
You LOVE Promos.
You LOVE Draws.
You LOVE Emails.
You LOVE Collecting Icons.
You LOVE Easy Navigation.
You LOVE Presents.
You LOVE Games.

You will fall in LOVE with Love My Adz!

Owned and run by the amazing Katrina Graham, you will surely love the many treasures and tools on her site.

If you have been an admin like myself, you'll appreciate the thought, labor, and effort in creating multi-faceted sites as hers.

But there's more!

There are several PROMO codes for the taking:

"NEWMEMBER", you get here.
The other,  you get here.
Another, here.

You will love earning credits for your own ads, by reading mails, clicking banners, and text ads -- all on the site.

I've been reviewing sites and joining the ones I liked since 2015, and I must say Ms. Graham's site is truly one of a kind. 

Sign up on Love My Adz, confirm your email address, put in those promo codes, get your ads in, click other people's ads, and promote Ms. Graham's site.

That's how we all show LOVE, dear marketers!

As always, thanks for being here!

Click this link to view another blog post on Ms. Graham in another blog which features owners and admins of traffic sites.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Marketer's Paradise Mailer

What could you get from joining "Marketer's Paradise Mailer", a super viral safelist mailer?

Well, how about these:

5000 Credits
5 Solo Ads
5 HP Solos
5 Banner Ads 
5 Button Ads
5 Text Links

You get all those automatically when you sign up for FREE. 

BONUS PROMO CODE! Once you join, confirm your e-mail address, then merely type in the code "newmember", and you get an additional 5,000 credits, 5 solos, 5 HP solos, 5 banners, 5 button ads, and 5 text link ads.

That doubles all your ad benefits.

Marketer's Paradise Mailer is a complete site with mail and surf capabilities.

Click this link and join this exciting mailer-surf site now!

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Elvis Surf Site

We just discovered something really cool today -- "Memphis Flash Hits" -- an ELVIS surf site.

First of all, we appreciate the King of Rock and Roll.

Secondly, this surf site rocks!

Get loads of credits, banner ads, and text link ads when you sign up and confirm your email address:

-- Christmas promo code: "Deck the Halls"
-- Bonus code: "HearTheRollingThunder"
-- Check the "surfer rewards" and surf what's needed

If you like Elvis, and wish to become a member of this fun, generous surf site for your ads, then please click this link now, thanks!

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Join Lawton's Successful Text Ads Now!

Please welcome another exciting site -- Successful Text Ads -- owned and run by admin, Ed Lawton.

Mr. Lawton runs many mail and surf sites, and this is his newest.

Here's what you get for signing up, and confirming your link:

-- FREE lifetime JV upgrade (use promo code "Success").
-- 1,000 credits
-- 2 solo ads
-- 2 long banners (300 impressions)
-- 2 square banners (200 impressions)
-- 2 text link ads (25 clicks)
-- 4-second fast surf
-- 30 sites you can add to the surf exchange

Use the credit mailer to mail the members, too!

Sign up here, confirm your link, and set up your ads and promotions right away.

So very easy!

Such a user-friendly site, too.

Return the favor by also promoting Mr. Lawton's site.

Everybody wins as the membership grows.

ENJOY promoting!

Friday, December 13, 2019

15-Year-Old Smooth Surf Site

Founded on 2004, Click Voyager continues to give joy when you put in your ads and surf (manually, but fast), for its site is so attractive, playful, and easy to navigate.

Here are some of its additional, classic features:

-- Over 15 years online.
-- Millions of visitors delivered.
-- Super smooth surfing.
-- Prizes and contests every day.
-- Earn a FREE upgrade every Sunday.

This cool site also offers you an opportunity to create your own splash pages, with Click Voyager hosting it for you.

Not too many surf sites last this long, but CV did, and has.

Earn credits as you surf, giving you a chance to show your own ads, too.

You can put in your sites, banners, and text ads for the fast surf.

Click this link and join this fun site now.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

An Improved Band of Banners Blog

Thank you for being here with me for over two years now.

Founded on 17 September 2017, Band of Banners  has featured programs that pay (a sign-up BONUS) as you sign up, promote your own programs, and promote the site owner's link, too!

I've also searched for sites that give you great traffic exposure for your offers.

Most of all, all sites featured here are FREE to join and won't cost you a penny, and yet may give you an opportunity to earn if you work hard at it, too.

The idea is to promote your programs and the owner's sites, giving you referrals which may earn you cash, credits, or both.

There are quite a few of those sites you can earn a sign-up bonus from so please view these links:

$5 sign-up bonus
$2 sign-up bonus
$1 sign-up bonus

I've always believed in everyone helping each other.

It's been a while since I last wrote something here, only because I was on a beautiful path with regards to my spiritual life since early September 2019.

A business with heart, and more heart, and with Jesus in it, becomes a better business.

Greed has never been part of starting and maintaining worthwhile business, whether it's an online business or a brick-and-mortar business.

May you live with the same principles, too.

For now, I thank you for being here with me for over two years now.

Expect even better things, for by now, we've learned much.

We now know which programs work, which site owners are kind and those who really deliver and pay, and which traffic sources can give you the exposure you need for your offers.

Wishing you the very best in your life and work!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

"Smooth Traffic To Your Sites"

I've been a member and friend of kind admin/owner, Tom Witt, of Drag Bus Hits, since 4 December 2017.

He's got many, many sites, but I started with the one above. His other sites and other articles on him and his wife, Rebecca, could be found on this link.

Here's what you get when you join us and sign up at his AUTO-surf site for FREE:
-- 5,000 credits
-- 2 long banners at 250 impressions each
-- 2 square banners at 250 impressions each
-- 2 text link ads at 25 clicks each

Remain active each month and you are rewarded with 500 credits plus 1 long banner with 500 impressions. 

Mr. Witt says:

"I try to be the best admin I can and be responsive to my members by approving their ads as quickly as I can."

No mean feat for someone who's got loads of sites and a home decor business he created for his wife, so we would appreciate if you can spread the love!

Sign up now on his really fast AUTO-surf site and put in your sites, banners, and text link ads.

You will love watching all the ads as you surf hands-free, click on the ones that appeal to you, and you even get 10 credits per 10-second ad that zooms by.

You'll be doing a "happy dance" here for it's so easy to join and navigate the site.

Plus, Mr. Witt's very helpful if you need to ask stuff.

Come join us now at Drag Bus Hits!

Yeah, baby!

(All images from Mr. Witt's site.)

Monday, June 3, 2019

Solos of the Future

Judging by the way currencies and sites fluctuate and disappear these days, we won't be surprised if one day everything will be based on barter alone.

Thus, we were overjoyed when we discovered this amazing site called "Totally Free Solos", owned and managed by Thomas L. Knapp.

Upon joining TFS and confirming your e-mail address, you will receive the following:

-- 1,000 credits
-- 2 solo ads
-- 5 long banners (200 impressions each)
-- 5 text link ads (25 clicks each)

Remain active each month and you get one (1) solo ad for FREE.

Of course, this being a revolutionary site, you can also trade your credits for solo ads, banners, and text link ads.

Sure, there are other sites we know that trade credits, too, but TFS is simply one site that is TOTALLY free and there is no need to worry about payment processors. Nothing could be more fair, democratic, and stress-free than this.

We found that Mr. Knapp really knows his stuff and offers us all a fair trade of credits for ads so we may send these to over 240 members. That's a pretty good number for JV sites.

We especially love JV sites as they're user-friendly and costs nothing to join.

But the benefits and exposure are legendary.

We'd all be a fool not to make use of these wonderful JV sites that ask for nothing but give everything.

Click this link now to join the TFS solo ad site for FREE.

When you get referrals, you are awarded 3,000 credits as well.

That's really quite effortless in this day and age.

We hope you realize a good thing when you see one.

TIP: Read Mr. Knapp's admin emails on-site as they're a wealth of information, kindness, generosity, and you get rewarded with commensurate credits for your manners and effort. These you can trade for solo ads (just 1,000 credits a-piece) and for banners and text link ads. Really cool! As we keep saying, marketing is all about give-and-take. Makes everything more fun and worthwhile that way. We really feel so very blessed with Mr. Knapp's TFS. It is so well-run!

Monday, April 15, 2019

Going Back to Surf-Mailer Basics

Many sites come and go.

But these JV sites rock because of their admins, quiet as they may be, we know they deliver.

We are especially grateful to them for Band of Banners started with them in 2017 and we've had a fun and great experience as well.

They remain steady despite the tough competition out there. They allow us members to make full use of their EASY-to-navigate sites, with no requirements to read any mails or even to promote their sites. But it's always good manners to do so, of course. 

Marketing is give and take -- you know that.

You get to put in your banners, text ads, and surf sites.

You also get to use their credit mailers often, where you can mail their members, depending on your membership. 

They also have viral URL cloakers to protect your referral links.

They even give us HUGE credits when we sign up, plus FREE ad packs consisting of banners, text ads, and solo ads. You will never run out of credits again, if anything, you're gonna burp from them.

Plus, they're all FREE to join.

Check these sites now and join if you want to:

Send My Solo
Opal Solo Ads
Sugar Text Ads
Merrygoround Ads
Real Time Mega Traffic

Of course, there are other sites with hard-working admins and we wish we could feature them all, but for now, please allow us to share with you the ones we first started with -- the five JV sites above.

We hope you can join them all, too!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

10 High-Yield, Low-Entry Income Programs

How long have you been looking for programs that work, don't ask for the moon just to join, and yet have a high-yield potential?

It's surely the desire of every patient and persevering program participant and marketer. After all, how can you promote programs that don't work? We can't intentionally mislead others, thus, the constant search for such programs that can deliver, with active and caring admins at their helm. We like the idea that everyone's earning and enjoying.

Well, we've found these programs with low entry and yet with the potential for high-yield income:

Start with $0.20 (one time)
Start with $1.oo (one time)
Start with $7.00 (one time)
Start with $7.00 (one time)
Start with $9.00 (monthly)
Start with $10.00 (one time)
Start with $10.00 (one time)
Start with $10.20 (one time)
Start with $10.00 (monthly)
Start with $30.00 (monthly)

These programs will give you the tools and income you need for your daily marketing. You will see how you're earning each day, given your own effort, plus you'll love working with these sites for they're really fun to use!

We also like them because they deliver what they say they will, the sites are easy to navigate, you can earn from several tiers, and they have good customer support. It's such a joy to use these sites each day. The admins are so generous.

Click on the links above and join whatever feels right to you. Every person's different so use only what you really need or believe in.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

A Global Way of Learning and Earning Together

How would you, your family members, or co-workers like to earn as you learn online? Which of these categories interest you?
Community Votes
Crypto & Blockchain
Data Science
Game Development
Gamified Coding Courses
Graphic Design
Information Security
Machine Learning
Personal Development
Programming Languages
Web Development

You can earn if you sign up as an affiliate, and when you do, you also get lots of FREE courses to learn from.

This program is so sound and so beautiful that you will want to share it with your friends and family members anyway, whether you're an affiliate or not. It's too beautiful to keep to yourself.

Also, the learning and marketing possibilities are unlimited.

Can you imagine how your home, workplace, community, state, or country can benefit from this global online education set against modern standards of teaching?

Think of how many exciting things you can learn for but a small fee, and sometimes, even for FREE!

We hope you look more into this for yourself and your loved ones. This could be a perfect "evergreen" GIFT for all those you care for, at the office and at home.

Perhaps, it's also safe to say that families and workers who study and earn together, stay together! Everyone grows.

If you love learning, earning, and sharing invaluable information, this is a heart-felt business to look into.

Sign up here now!

The Site That Got Us Leads -- Fast!

We never knew list-building could be easy.

We kept hearing about the need for it but didn't know how to start. We didn't know whom to trust.

Well, now we know and we'd like to share with you the SIMPLEST method we discovered. This knowledge is especially helpful for confused newbies and jaded veterans alike.

One particular site got us going and in no time at all we got at least 24 leads from one landing page in but a few days upon joining, and all the time as we were still groping in the dark .

You know the kind where you thought "was it a lucky accident" or perhaps "we did something right"? Or perhaps "both"?

Sure, 24 leads is not phenomenal by industry standards but consider the fact we didn't know how get leads, how to create landing pages, how to integrate with auto-responders, much less know how to use one.

So, of course, we kept putting off the inevitable, until one day, this site landed on our lap and we started using its FREE lead capture pages.

Better than that, we got over our fear of auto-responders and before you know it we signed up at one for the 30 days FREE trial, giving ourselves a chance to understand how it all worked.

We didn't realize how beautiful having a seamless integration was -- of how you had a capture page that got leads and eventually found itself being part of your auto-responder -- with leads being your gold mine for future programs.

Now we understood what internet marketers mean when they say they treated their leads like GOLD!

If you want a simple and efficient tandem, FREE to join, please click on the links below, and start your own lead-capture system:
Lead builder

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Easiest Way To Start

Are you a newcomer in the internet marketing industry?

Or even perhaps a veteran already?

Can you safely say you've found the PERFECT program(s) to promote?

The ones that are so achingly simple, it's almost unbelievable?

That it's been there all along but you never knew it was THAT good and THAT sane?

Well, in all our young years of research (for others have been at this for decades), constantly and tenaciously trying to find that one program that really made sense and finally thinking to ourselves, 

"This is it. We must focus on these and these alone."

Well, we re-discovered five (5) complete programs today.

You will surely turn it upside down, inside out, looking for any defects or traps but we personally can't find any. They're simple, solid, and steady -- a great foundation for all your other programs.

These programs have been there all along but not truly appreciated for what they were.

People have become used to the complicated.

Sometimes, the secret to success is in knowing when to stop.

You must trust and let go.

We at Band of Banners have always been focused on the simple, the smart, the inexpensive, and the user-friendly.

We feel these are the five programs that will give you the leads for your programs as well as earn from your efforts. All FREE to join!

Lead builder 1
Lead builder 2
Tracker 1
Tracker 2

Upon signing up, stick to the basics, work the program, and promote these like crazy.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

JUMBO Income From a COLOSSAL Blaster

How would you like to reach four (4) MILLION people at a time?

Legendary program creator and programmer, Marianne Myers, has done it through her 1 Gold Mine site.

Consider the benefits you'll be getting if you join for FREE now:

-- Direct exposure to 338,000 plus people with the COLOSSAL Blaster.
-- A reach covering four (4) MILLION people on the POPPIN' Blaster.
-- Commissions through a 2-tier program, allowing you to earn 25%.
-- Everyone earns the same, NO upgrade needed.
-- A text ad you can put your links on.
-- Four button banners for your ads.
-- Four ULTRA advertising blaster upgrades.

If you really want to go BIG on your advertising all the time, this is the site to join. As Ms. Myers would say:

"No wimpy advertising, no wimpy commission plan, nothing watered down with this!"

Blast your ads through her site offers, get referrals, and earn from both. One referral may buy many times, so with your second tier referral (your referral's referral) and you earn 25% each time, no matter how many times they purchase.

Can you see the MEGA-possibilities?

The MEGA-earnings?

The MEGA-reach?

The earnings can be limitless, even as you're not required to buy anything.

Click this link now and join this most exciting site!

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Lady Admin Creates Cool Affiliate Program

It's not often you'd see a young lady create a really comprehensive site packed with 16 affiliate programs (including her site) where everyone can earn from.

But April Dowling did, in her Affiliate Wealth Maximizer site, showing at least 15 programs you can put your usernames/affiliate IDs in.

As such, that makes her site a great downline builder for real passive income.

You will be pleased for she chose well and you will be excited to sign up for her preferred programs where she has been earning from and wishes to share with us.

She chose those which will give you earnings from 1-tier to 3-tiers and beyond. That's really what you call passive income for the long haul.

Check her site and you will appreciate the deep thought she put into creating her own program as well as including the said 15 sites for all of us to earn from.

Where many sites menus are challenging to navigate, you will breathe easy here. Click this link now and join us in her exciting programs!