Thursday, January 31, 2019

Lady Admin Creates Cool Affiliate Program

It's not often you'd see a young lady create a really comprehensive site packed with 16 affiliate programs (including her site) where everyone can earn from.

But April Dowling did, in her Affiliate Wealth Maximizer site, showing at least 15 programs you can put your usernames/affiliate IDs in.

As such, that makes her site a great downline builder for real passive income.

You will be pleased for she chose well and you will be excited to sign up for her preferred programs where she has been earning from and wishes to share with us.

She chose those which will give you earnings from 1-tier to 3-tiers and beyond. That's really what you call passive income for the long haul.

Check her site and you will appreciate the deep thought she put into creating her own program as well as including the said 15 sites for all of us to earn from.

Where many sites menus are challenging to navigate, you will breathe easy here. Click this link now and join us in her exciting programs!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Traffic Upgrades That Matter

Do you want boatloads of effortless traffic each day?

Well, then you may consider signing up at these powerful mailer sites with active members and admins.

And to max your results, you may also consider upgrading, for that's really where all the effortlessness comes in.

Imagine logging in to these sites, putting in your mails or ads, double-checking your URLs, saving those ads, reaching the whole membership base, and finally leaving the site soon as you do all that.

Like clockwork.

Once or several times a day, depending on what the site admins offer.

All because of the UPGRADE.

We say go for MAX at these responsive mailers:

Mail over 80k active member; get a $5 sign-up bonus
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Receive $5 sign-up bonus, 5 solos; paying admin
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Classic mailer showing real readers and their IPs
Fast-loading, active mailer
Blast those ads in one shot

Monday, January 21, 2019

Your Own Marketing Style

We have a theory that if there are billions and billions of souls on earth, then so are the marketing styles.

And if we follow everything around us, with the many attractive programs and schemes, we'd all go nuts not really knowing which one works.

And we'd all go broke, too.

Perhaps, you must just follow your true self and character and be with programs that resonate well with your being.

You must join programs that work for you and which make you happy.

You must not force yourself to join programs or create programs just because everyone's in it or it is expected of you.

Success is sweeter when you are happy doing what you're doing, with people you enjoy being with, and who are true to you.

As with everything else, the rules are pretty simple and in fact, there are really no rules except the ones that matter to you.

The internet marketing world is really mine-laden and we're all learning all the time.

We also believe that universal and man-made systems are self-regulating systems.

There is always a balance to everything, just as there is always chaos, but one of the real things is what Oliver Wendell Holmes spoke of:

"Systems die -- instincts remain."

Now, we're not really sure which Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote that but we're including both here for they're both great men anyway:
Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

There is probably not one perfect program for everyone to join but only that which, on the deeper level, feels right to you.

Your instincts will guide you to that.

You must have a good grasp of who you are, what you want, and the process you're ready to go into.

As always, intentions are everything.

If you aim to help, you will probably succeed.

If you aim to take along others as you're succeeding, then you have the mark of a true leader.

If you aim to study others who have carved the path ahead of you, believing their work makes sense and you wish to test it for yourself -- taking full risk -- then you have the makings of an Alpha Dog.

If anything else, you must develop your own thinking. Be not at the mercy of the winds or of fate.

Be your own true self in life and in work.

That way, people can't really influence your thinking -- unless you want them to.

Take that middle path, like a lighthouse or an anchor, where you are at your steadiest.

Systems come, systems go. Programs come, programs go. Will you still be standing?

You will, if you're like a lighthouse or anchor, moored safely, and yet aiding others on their "path".

It's good to test, but remain steadfast in your beliefs and in your intentions.

That's where everyone really differ.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

10 Reasons for Becoming an Alpha Dog Now

Ever heard of Stan Stuchinski's "Secrets of the Big Dogs"?

You must have, for it's being marketed actively on the internet by people like us and those who have bought his e-book. If you want MASSIVE traffic and GREAT potential for income, you're on the right page.

In Mr. Stuchinski's words, here are 10 things you'll be getting from the e-book that carries all his internet marketing knowledge and wisdom:

#10)  Do YOU Need More Traffic?
'Course you do.  EVERY marketer needs it!  And the Big Dogs
  proprietary autopilot marketing system provides you with a
never-ending stream of targeted, *hot-to-go* prospects---
UP TO 5 MILLION EVERY MONTH!  Use 'em to promote the
Big Dogs ebook or anything else you want!

#9)  Do YOU Need More Income?
Now THAT'S a silly question.  Who DOESN'T!  Now I ain't gonna promise that you'll be a millionaire by noon tomorrow, but the Big Dogs system CAN provide you with MULTIPLE streams of residual monthly income - a very NICE income---

#8)  Do YOU Need More Time in Your Life?
With Team Big Dogs, your 18-hour computer days are O-V-E-R! Our miraculous marketing methods allow you to accomplish all your Interent chores in less than half an hour--- once a day! You can stop living on your computer, and start having your computer give you a living!

#7)  Do YOU Need Better Company Support?
HAH!  We wrote the book on superior customer support!  Serving Internet marketers for two decades (Yep, Big Dogs is one of the longest-running programs on the Internet!), we're one of the few companies that is so gosh-darn ACCESSIBLE.  How many company owners can you talk to on the phone when you need 'em!?

#6)  Are YOU A *Guru* or A *Newbie?*
It doesn't matter!  The Big Dogs system was designed so that the newest of newbies can follow our now-famous, step-by-step tutorials. But the system is sophisticated enough for the biggest, baddest gurus on the Internet!

#5)  Work the Hours That YOU Want!
Work when you want, where you want, for as long as you want! Stay in your bathrobe and bunny slippers all day - it's up to YOU!

#4)  Do YOU Want A *Ten-Second Commute!*
Sitting in traffic for an hour or more each day is a thing of the
past.  Just roll outta bed, grab a cuppa coffee, and *commute* to your office--- IN THE NEXT ROOM!

#3)  Live Where YOU Want!
Like the Jimmy Buffet lifestyle of livin' at the beach?  Maybe the mountains is more your brand of vodka.  The city?  The suburbs? When all you need is a computer and an Internet connection, it's all the same!

#2)  Do YOU Want A Continuous Vacation?
Need a break?  No problem!  Just pack up the spouse and the kids and go WHERE you want, WHEN you want, and stay as
LONG as you want.  Me?  I've been on *vacation* since 1998!

And the Number One Reason to Become an Alpha Dog and join the C.H.I.P. programs---

#1)  Do YOU Wanna Smile A Whole Lot!

What more can I TELL ya!

Just read what Christa Maier from Germany thinks about being an Alpha Dog---

*I am astonished and overwhelmed by your concept!  I've
tried many affiliate programs with little success, but your
concept is OUTSTANDING - success only depends on
following your system and getting the routine down!*

You're on this page because we at Band of Banners got Stan's e-book and know a GREAT thing when we see one, considering the amount of research we do each day. It's all about intelligent "systems", really. You have to find one, understand it, and really work it.

Now, it's your turn to discover the many treasures from Mr. Stuchinski's work -- such as MASSIVE traffic (over 5 million each month) and POTENTIAL for income. Click this link now and go get that e-book. It's just $7 anyway but the WEALTH of material is astounding -- tried and tested by Mr. Stuchinski himself.

We know you will gobble the material in his e-book and put everything into practice right away. It's so simple to understand but complete and comprehensive -- all bases covered -- written in a conversational tone. You will love every bit of information you will be learning, whether you promote Mr. Stuchinski's book or your very own programs. Jump right in and get your copy now!

You deserve all the SUCCESS you want!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

No Need For Autoresponders

At last, we are saved!

Finally, a program on the internet that doesn't call for an autoresponder.

No matter how we tried, we just couldn't make a go for it. Our brains can't quite connect with autoresponders. We suppose there are limits to our intelligence and that's very okay. Can't really win 'em all.

Thank God for this old-new program we logged on to today. Now, we don't feel so dumb.

"Old" because we had signed up to it about three or four years ago and never really appreciated it until now -- only because no matter what we did or how hard we tried we can't feel the "love" with autoresponders.

"New" because finally, we reviewed the site again.

And all because, for the longest time, autoresponders and ourselves don't really click. Not our "tribe". Sometimes, you really have to call it quits with things that don't resonate well with you.

Ah, but this old-new program is like a breath of fresh air in this confusion-laded world of internet marketing.

But, no longer! We finally saw the "light" which kept burning in our hearts anyway.

We wanted a really simple system that works and has great potential for traffic and income.

When you sign up, you get FREE ads and promo codes in over 20 programs.

Promote this program and you earn between 25% to 50% commissions.

And yes, there's a built-in section for upgraded members to e-mail their referrals once or twice a day to show them more of their programs.

It's all so very simple and so easy to follow -- all spelled out in the simplest terms for all of us. You can't possibly get lost.

This, we believe is Heaven-sent for us marketers because autoreponders don't respond well to us and vice-versa. 

As they say, "The feeling is mutual."

So don't feel bad if you can't quite make heads or tails of autoresponders. 

Help is here.

Click on this link now to see what this internet marketer's saving grace is.

Smile, you're always on the WINNING side!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

How One Can Earn Money in AdFeedz Without Any Referrals?

By now, you must have heard about AdFeedz or probably have seen its colorful banners all over the online marketing world.

Because everyone seems to be happily promoting this dynamic, young site  you can imagine how competitive getting referrals are.

But there's no need to be downhearted about that for here are six (6) ways you can earn from AdFeedz without any referral:

1. Earn upon "Sign Up".
Easiest thing, too, for you get 1,000 advertising credits and $2.50 for doing small tasks. This is really a generous company.

2. Click the "Cash Links".
There are always a good bunch of cash links each day that you can click and view for 10 full seconds. You earn points which give you cash.

3. Do the "Surf Pool".
Surf 10-second ads, earn points, and get the equivalent earnings from the surf pool. Show your sites and banners here, too.

4. Write a "Post & Earn".
There are several recommended titles for you to write about for your blogs which the staff will review and you get credits plus cash.

5. Earn from the "Group Pool".
Depending on how many shares you have, you get 25% of the group pool. You need to have an active profit contract*.

6. Earn from the "Global Pool".
You get 20% of whatever shares you hold from the global pool. Really fair. You also need an active profit contract*.

*An "active profit contract" is purchase of a $29 advertising credit you can use for your promotions. This contract is active for 50 days or until you reach the 120% earning of $34.80.

As you can see, there are six ways of earning pretty easily even without referrals. All you have to do is sign up, activate your link, accomplish the 17 easy tasks to earn your  sign-up cash bonus, put in your banner and text ads, surf, click the cash links, promote the site, and you earn all throughout.

All these you can do easily in one sitting, so do focus on the task so you can see how much you've earned after all that enjoyable work. 

The great thing is that EVERY member who joins will earn here and you will love the experience of being alongside everyone doing the same thing every day with you.

Everything is spelled out clearly on-site and you will enjoy this site very much. Otherwise, why else are people signing up like crazy?

Click this link now and become part of the AdFeedz team! It's really all about team effort anyway and sharing good things that everyone can partake from.