Wednesday, August 29, 2018

New Admin For Radio Wave Ads

You will love being part of Radio Wave Ads -- a really cool site -- as we learned it also has a new Admin -- Mr. Paul -- so now is the time to join for the FREE, JV, and Super JV memberships.

Depending on your membership, you will be awarded between 1,000 to 10,000 credits, plus a FREE ad pack consisting of 468 x 60 banners, 125 x 125 banners, and text link ads.

It's also exciting to know that JV members who get referrals earn from 20 cents to a dollar while SJV members who get referrals earn from 50 cents to $2.50.

It's FREE to join but if you want to earn more and faster, you can always upgrade for a very low and fair $2.00 lifetime for JV membership and $5.00 lifetime for SJV membership.

Stay active every month and you get an additional 500 to 5,000 credits per month, plus additional banners and text link ads.

We hope you join us at this more active site now and get to mail the members upon sign up and log in. Click on this link to join now!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The No-Brainer Decision

What's the fastest way to earn $5?

Sign up on Send My Solo, activate your link, put in your ads, promote the site, and get your own referrals. 

All members who sign up receive $5, thousands of credits, and a FREE ad pack consisting of banners and text link ads. Plenty for you to use for your own programs.

Cash outs are at a normal $20.

You will find out it's pretty easy to market Mr. Raday's sites as they tend to sell themselves with the sign-up bonus and FREE ad packs he generously gives.

Not to mention that ALL members earn from promoting the site and getting referrals in the process -- whether you signed up as a free member or you've upgraded -- EVERYONE earns!

A real no-brainer, right?

It's more fun when everyone earns, so we'd be thrilled if you shared the info here with others who need to get their first dollar -- in this case, their first $5.

We're sticking to the good, reliable ones that deliver. Click on this link to know more about Mr. Raday, the generous admin of SMS.