Saturday, January 11, 2020

A New Look and 10 Ads From 8 Hits

I got an email today from Romulus Valentin, the owner and admin of 8 Hits.

He informed us of the new design of the site front, so I checked, and marveled at the new, clean lines -- so very inviting for would-be members and old members like myself.

I've been a member of Mr. Valentin's site since 6 August 2017, so that's over two years now.

I was fortunate to have a small bunch of referrals, too.

Mr. Valentin helped me get those, even if I was not always active.

But it's a joy to put in all my banners, like on this ads page.

Because he's a programmer, it's pretty easy for the Romanian-born Valentin to "play" with the design of his sites, for he does have two sites.

He's a wonderful admin, for he informs us periodically of the new features, or if I'm on the VIP pool, for I'm an upgraded member.

So, I thought it's time to write about Mr. Valentin here again, and thank him properly for the generous attention he gives us members.

What do you get when you join the site?

If you're an upgraded member, like myself, you get 10 ads (7 different banners, 2 text ads, and a sales "box") to promote your programs in.

Plus, you get the kind attention of Mr. Valentin, who's always open for comments or suggestions, and replies as soon as he's available.

Sign up is FREE, and you get a bunch of ads yourself!

Click this link to join and display your banners now.

Here's much more on Romulus Valentin, owner and admin of 8 Hits, from another blog I have on marketers.

We marketers are happy he's around, for he always comes up with the coolest ideas.

His compact site is packed with marketing power, just so you know.