Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Fearless Mailer

Solo Ad Now will forever go down in my entrepreneur file as "The Fearless Mailer".

It didn't care that they only had 22 members first, I being the 22nd member.

The admin allowed people to use their credit mailer right away!

That, I like, for I'm a marketer with a mission.

Soon as I have a thought on my mind, I go straight to my favorite mailers that allow me to mail RIGHT away.

But those are the more established ones, backed by many previous members and fans, thus, they've got an edge.

Ah, but this mailer had only 22 members and it allowed me to mail right away!

It didn't disable that mailing feature, waiting to reach 100 or so members.


One click of the "credit mailer" tab, and it opened its wares.

I was so impressed at this new mailer's spunk, I had to feature it here.

I created Band of Banners blog purposely to feature such awesome, fearless, generous owners, admins, and sites.

The kind that's so unassuming, and yet delivers the goods.

No fuss, no undue requirements, no delays, no hoops for you to go through.

Put out your ads, and mail.

FREE members receive the following, upon sign up:

-- 1,000 credits
-- 2 solo ads
-- 2 long banners
-- 2 button banners
-- 2 text link ads

And that famous credit mailer.

Pretty much all I need anyway.

I'm a simple marketer, but a fast marketer.

What would I need bells and whistles for?

Please join me at Solo Ad Now, and mail right away!

P.S. I was also surprised to be given top membership (a Super JV), when I put in my ads today. I had signed up yesterday, but didn't have time to put in my ads. Today was a total surprise, as I'm pretty sure there was no notice from the admin's promotions that we'd get an SJV, but hey, who's complainin'? 

I'm mighty grateful, that's what! FREE upgrade, or no upgrade, I was going to write about this mailer anyway. And all because it allowed me to mail, with only 21 other members on board. Such spunk and faith!)

Oh, and before I forget, it's got a really FAST manual surf. Put in your sites, and earn 125 credits upon viewing other member's sites. Ten sites viewed, effortlessly, already earned me 1,250 credits. By golly! I could have surfed all day long!

Reading the Recharge Network Ads (RNA) gives you 200 credits, too! All these credits will allow you to trade for more banners and text link ads.

I don't know about you, but before I even knew all these, I decided to join.

There was something about this mailer...

My instincts usually prove me right.

And I hope the admin doesn't change a thing. It is perfect as it is. I've been in this industry since 2015, and I know a good site when I see one.