Saturday, June 20, 2020

Promo Code For Band of Banners

It never happened to me before.

You know, like have a PROMO code created, just for me, from some cool owner and admin.

I know I wrote about them nearly two months ago, but this came as a total surprise!

I've been generously gifted with upgrades from many kind owners and admins, but hey, this is a FIRST -- my VERY own PROMO code!

Actually, it's a promo code for all of us, so do sign up on this link.  

Use the promo code bandofbanners to receive:

-- 5000 credits
-- 2 solo ads
-- FREE JV upgrade

Of course, that doesn't include the other credits, banners, text link ads, and solos you receive upon sign up.

So, you'll burp with lots of mailer, surf, and ad credits to last you a while.

Please join me on this very cool site, Easy and Effective Promotion

Sign up is FREE!

And use that bandofbanners promo code.

Now, I gotta cool off a bit from all this excitement har har.

(Fan courtesy of E&E Promotion.)